What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Millbrae,CA?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) rank top in prevalence among other infectious diseases in San Mateo County. The region has been recording a surge in the number of new STD contractions within the last seven years.

In a 2016 Annual STD/HIV Surveillance, cases of chlamydia have increased from 1,820 in 2012 to 2,581 in 2016. The corresponding rates were 247.4 and 340.7 respectively. County officials have been reporting below-1000 chlamydia cases until 2014 when new incidences totaled 2,277.

Furthermore, gonorrhea was the second-most prevalent STD. In 2016, there were 618 occurrences with a rate of 81.6. On the other hand, syphilis cases rose by a whopping 230.7%, from 6.5 in 2012 to 21.5 in 2016.

The SMC’s Community Health AIDS Prevention Program has the mission to reduce HIV transmission rates in the community and offer support to the families affected with HIV/AIDS. The program also provides comprehensive HIV care services and manages the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), and transportation to care centers.

To better fight against STD spread, you need to know your status. You may receive testing and screening services from the San Mateo County Health (Edison STD Clinic). The center may provide STD testing on Tuesdays 4 pm – 7 pm.

Another option is the Planned Parenthood San Mateo Health Center. Here, you may get tested, screened, and treated for STDs. The clinic may also provide HPV and Hep C vaccine.

Alternatively, you can opt to local medical centers that might render free STD testing within Millbrae. However, the clinics may charge extra cash for particular STD tests and you might not be allowed to see doctors on site. Besides, the results may not come out immediately.