What are the STI test options in Foster City,CA?

Foster City, CA, a bayside area in San Mateo County, is experiencing a surge in new STD diagnoses along with the rest of the state. Chlamydia is on the rise with 2,872 new cases in 2017 jumping to 3,080 in 2018. The county saw a 6% increase in women and 7% increase in men between 2017 and 2018. 

Syphilis infections are increasing with 192 new diagnoses in 2017 rising to 217 in 2018. The county’s also finding a decrease in the number of people seeking HIV screenings, which went from 8,121 in 2017 to 7,892 in 2018.

The state representative for the people of San Mateo County is concerned about the alarming statistics, especially for people of color that have new HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia diagnoses close to 5 times those of white people in the came communities. Officials intend to increase awareness through education, testing, and preventive measures. 

There are many locations that offer STD testing in and near Foster City. One Medical Group on Primrose Rd in Burlingame provides STI screenings. Street parking and the entrance are available in front of the building.

The San Mateo County Health Department operates the Edison STD Clinic on W 39th Ave in San Mateo inside the medical center. The nearest Planned Parenthood is on Baywood Ave in the San Mateo Health Center. Off-street parking is available.

Some facilities may offer free STD testing to income-qualified individuals. Proof of income is required and it might not cover treatment or follow-up care for all patients.