What are the STI test options in Washington,DC?

Washington, D.C. is known for many things, and unfortunately, it can now add STD rates to that list.

This city has the highest rate of Chlamydia in the United States at a rate of 1,083 cases per 100,000 people. It also has the highest rate of Syphilis in the U.S. at a rate of 84.5 cases per 100,000 people.

Perhaps the most disturbing statistic is that Washington, D.C. has the highest rate of teenagers infected with STDs in the United States, at a rate of 55 cases per 1,000 teens. Because of this, there are many resources for STD testing, sexual education, and contraceptives just for teens.

There are many private and public testing centers available in Washington, D.C., including Planned Parenthood on 4th Street or the Department of Health on Massachusetts Avenue. There are many private options as well, on Georgia Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and some area clinics also offer free STD testing to residents. You may not be able to just “walk-in” to take advantage of this service, so it is recommended that you call ahead first. 

If you and your partner feel that you need to be tested, don’t hesitate.

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STD Statistics In District of Columbia County, DC



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STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for District of Columbia County, DC. Data is normalized to accurately report District of Columbia County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Washington, DC

Home to the United States government, the District of Columbia is also experiencing a rapid rise in STDs, and while the nation’s capital is not a state it still tops the list for certain reported ones.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been tracking the rising STD rates for over 20 years and out of the 50 states, the nation’s capital has had the dubious honor of ranking 1st for  Gonorrhea between 2000 and 2013 and second for Chlamydia with an estimated 570 infections per every 100,000 residents.

What is giving city and national health officials some hope regarding the recently released statistics is the fact that HIV/AIDS diagnoses do seem to be decreasing, along with the number of newly reported cases of Hepatitis B and C. While this is a hopeful sign for health experts, the simple fact that Washington, DC has a Gonorrhea infection rate three times the national average shows that not everyone in the city understands and recognizes the importance of getting tested regularly.

  • D.C. reported an infection rate for Chlamydia of 570 cases per 100,000 residents between 2000 and 2013.
  • There is an estimated 421 out of 100,000 with Gonorrhea in the nation’s capital.
  • During a 13 year period (2000 to 2013) there were an estimated 179 HIV/AIDs infections per 100,000 residents.

Syphilis is also on the rise which was surprising to some health officials who mistakenly believed that the disease was finally under control.

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

DC Health and Wellness Center


DC Health and Wellness Center has a qualified team that are equipped to test and treat most sexually transmitted infections. They have a variety of services that are geared to improving and protecting the sexual health of residents.

After your test you may have to wait several days to find out your status but a physician or counselor will be there when they come back.



Same day appointments are available, though you might want to call early in the morning. They can also treat most infections including HIV and Hep C. Education and health counseling classes are available and most are free to join.

No one will be turned away if they can’t pay. For those that can, they work with most insurance companies.


Hepatitis C is curable and HIV/AIDS can be managed. The health center is equipped to deal with these and other infections. You can also asked about their preventative services that include PrEP and PEP.


The center promises to provide professional and evidence-based services that are discrete. They will protect your right to privacy regardless of your diagnosis. 

The D.C. health center is easy to access. You can find a handy map on their website. It details walking and bike routes, along with directions for driving if you wish to use your car.


77 P Street NE Washington, DC 20002



Whitman-Walker Health


The Whitman-Walker clinic is a little different from others. Not only do they provide HIV testing but also self-administered STI tests on site. This allows you additional privacy, though a physician or clinician is always close by.

You can find out your status in days, and return without a problem if you need to come back.


Testing, counseling and any referral services are free to everyone. Since the center does operate on donations, if you can feel free to pay what you can.

You can walk-in and this is actually encouraged. You can call in advance to check on wait times but they normally do not accept prior appointments for testing.


PrEP is available, often free of charge. You can also pick up prescriptions. If additional care is needed, referrals will be provided without expense. A clinician will explain your results and options regarding treatment.


The Whitman-Walker center might be a little different, especially with their walk-in self STI tests. However, they are all done at the clinic, you just get a little more privacy. For some people this is comforting and there is always a clinician nearby to offer assistance if needed.

If you are having trouble finding their location, simply go to their website. There is an interactive map that will show you the best route.


1525 14th St NW Washington, DC 20005



Us Helping Us


Us Helping Us started with a small group of volunteers that wanted to provide holistic health information to people that were living with AIDS. They wanted to teach natural holistic techniques that involve combining the body, mind, and spirit for optimal health. They still  work to achieve health equity for the underserved in the D.C. area.


You do not need an appointment, simply come in. A physician, nurse or tester will be with you shortly. No one will be turned away and most services are free. This includes counseling before and after testing.


Along with PrEP, if you are negative for HIV, there are several other options when it comes to receiving treatment. You will be assigned a case manager that will help you with everything from making sure that you are taking your medications to help with housing, if needed.


Us Helping Us is focused on continuing to expand its programs and services. It is also participating in  research studies that will improve the care they are able to provide. Focusing on the under insured that can’t afford health care, they are making a difference in the community. 


3636 Georgia Ave Washington DC 20036



Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near

Capital Medical Associates


Since 1987, Capital Medical Associates has consistently provide medical care that is on the cutting-edge of research for HIV and Hepatitis C. Their doctors have been named some of the best in the city and this should give you added assurance when it comes to testing and treatment. 

HIV results are often back to you in minutes, while Hep C results could take a little longer.


You do need to become a patient first, before going in for a HIV or Hepatitis C test. You can do so online or call the medical center directly.

Testing is not free but you can work out arrangements with the clinic if you can’t pay your bill in full. Simply ask the receptionist at the time you arrange an appointment.


You have several options when it comes to treating Hep C. It is curable and one of the award wining physicians will discuss this with you. If you choose a clinic trial it could be at no charge.

While HIV isn’t curable, you can also participate in drug trials to see what works best for you.


As a primarily research center for infectious diseases, you can take part in the latest advances in medicine. There is a cost for testing but some treatments do not have a charge. You can find out more about these studies once your results are in.


1640 Rhode Island Ave. Washington, DC 20036



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood of D.C.


You are probably already familiar with Planned Parenthood and the work they do. For over 100 years they have been championing for better sexual health.

Walking in the clinic you will be greeted by friendly staff that includes nurses and physicians. Some test results can return in less than 24 hours, while others may take a little more time.


Make an appointment by phone or online. However, if you need financial assistance or a translator it is best to call. All ages are welcome, though minors should check with local laws. Some may limit age or the amount of anonymity they have.


Treatment options will depend on your diagnosis. Planned Parenthood can treat some but not all. You can get antibiotics for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and a few other stds. You can also receive vaccinations to further protect yourself.


Planned Parenthood is a leader in providing high-quality health care that is also affordable.They are also one of the largest providers of sex education. 

If you aren’t sure how to get to the clinic, there is a helpful map on their website. You can also learn additional information about STI’s and even get in contact with a staff member before and after your visit.


1225 4th St. NE Washington, DC 20002



STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Washington, DC

The nation’s capital is working hard to educate students and parents about the dangers of STDs, and the decreasing number of some sexually transmitted diseases is beginning to show that this initiative is working. City and school health officials are beginning to work together, and officials at the Centers for Disease Control are hoping that this will help to get some of the higher statistics under control.

Not only are the school systems taking the time to educate students about the importance of regular STD testing, but teachers and health officials are highlighting some of the devastating effects of these preventable diseases. Students are shown some graphic images of how an STD can affect their body and lifestyle, along with simple methods on how it can be prevented.

Some residents point out that the city has been leading the 50 states in STIs for the past several years stating that these programs are obviously not working, but health officials point to the falling statistics and simply stress the fact that until everyone is tested regularly there will always be a problem with STDs.

These educational programs have made it easier for students and parents to understand the importance of Herpes testing in Washington, DC and the declining number of new cases seems to show that this is working. It is just as important for regular HIV testing in Washington, DC, especially since this deadly disease often does not display any symptoms until it has turned into AIDS.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Washington, DC

The District of Columbia has an ever changing population that includes visiting law makers and foreign dignitaries. This can make it difficult for the CDC to accurately gauge the number of STD infections, especially with many of the new diagnoses suspected of being in individuals from different states. While this does not lessen the importance of getting tested regularly, it does help show that the aggressive education programs are at least working among permanent residents.

Other factors contributing to the rise in STD rates also includes ethnicity and religion. Income also has an effect, and this is apparent in the city’s traditionally poorer neighborhoods. A lack of clinics and health care workers to staff the facilities is also contributing to the problem.

African American men and women are still at a higher risk of contracting an STD, and many health officials suggest that this might be due to stereotypes that still persist in the nation’s capital. Many men view regular testing as a sign of weakness, or simply believe that it can never happen to them. This is also true for teens and college age adults who often have the highest risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

STD Testing Washington, DC

Better Sexual Health in Washington, DC

In between visits to the monuments and museums scattered around the nation’s capitol take time for yourself. Don’t worry about wasting your time waiting for an appointment, there is a better alternative. Confidential STD testing is easy to set up over the phone. Now you can tour of the White House after you’ve taken this first step towards protecting your health.

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