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Union city is one of the largest cities in Hudson County, New Jersey. According to the 2010 United States census, the city has a population of 66, 455. With a population density of 51,810.1 per square mile, the city was the most densely populated city in United States. The city was incorporated in 1925 and has since then established itself as one of the main cities that run the economy of the state.

With a variety of recreational and tourist sites including Pier C park, Hamilton Park, Washington Park, Richard W. Dekorte Park among other sites, the city is has a cool ambience and taste for human interaction. The city is also a home to top Universities and colleges including New Jersey CIty University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hudson County Community college among others. Increased tourism and the availability of a strong economic background opened up Union City, NJ to the world stage, this facilitated human interactions which has in turn led to increase in the rate of STDs in the city.

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STD Statistics In Hudson County, NJ



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Hudson County, NJ. Data is normalized to accurately report Hudson County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Union City, NJ

With the rate of STD infection in Union city through the roof, residents have aired their fears over a prolonged fight against the threat of STDs. The population of the city is expected to increase in 2016 and so is the rate of STDs. The city currently has a population of more than 67,000.

The rate of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis have been rising over the last decade, with statistics showing year by increment from 2010. Generally, African Americans have been the most hit by these three STDs. Most of the infected are men who have sex with other men. The prime youth between the age of 15 -24 years are the most affected by STDs.

Chlamydia tops in the STD list with the highest number of reported cases within the city and county. Females recorded the highest number of infections with a rate of 486.7 per 100,000 people compared to men with 206.9 per 100,000 males. This meant that females rate of infection was 2.4 times higher than the rate males within the county.  Black Americans and Hispanics were the most infected races, while the age between 15-29 years accounted for more than 80% of the total infections.

Gonorrhea is the second most prevalent STD within the city. Though there is no significant difference in the number of infections between the two sexes, males who have sex with other males are the most hit by Gonorrhea. The state ranked 13th in Gonorrhea infections. The Black American race tops the list in terms of race with more than 60% of the total infections in the county. The sexually active age between 14-29 years and mostly AFrican Americans and Hispanics reported the most cases of infections which accounted for more than 80% of the total infections.

Syphilis is the third STD which despite recording the lowest cases of infection within the city, it leads in terms of percentage increase of infection. Within the last five years, the spread of Syphilis has been worrisome with the resurgence of congenital syphilis which is transmissible from a pregnant mother to unborn child. Cases of congenital syphilis have increased by 6% within the five years.

Graph of hiv rates in union city new jersey from 2015

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Union City, NJ

With the alarming increase in STD infection within Union city, the county health department along with the national government and non governmental organizations have joined hands to fight the spread of STDs. After an esteemed survey on sexuality within the city, most health officials feel that sex education is the only tool that can liberate the locals from STDs.

In 1999 the State introduced laws regulating the offering of HIV/AIDs education to the locals. Together with some contraception methods the law allowed abstinence only policy to be taught as the only means of curbing HIV/AIDs and STDs. This has since then been effected within Union city. The system did not allow students to be given details on sex. Though the policy helped in mitigating the spread of HIV/AIDs, it proved to be ineffective in the control of all other STDs. The system was a relief to the locals as it reduced the rate of HIV/AIDs with a big margin.

Comprehensive sexual education has been progressive within union city. Though gradually being adopted by some schools within the city, it has not been officially introduced in school’s curriculum. Comprehensive sexual education gives a much detailed information on sexuality including sexual violence, sexual consent, refusal tactics, contraceptive use, condom use among other sex oriented matters. The health community allows age appropriate and medically correct sexual education to be offered to the residents of Union city. Parents are advised to monitor their children and opt them out of these classes when they feel that their children do not meet the requirements for these classes. Many bodies and school boards are pushing for a full implementation of comprehensive sexual education in the school’s curriculum. They believe that offering students with the right sex education would help them make informed sexual decisions and may save many lives from STDs.

Youth and women organizations within the city have been organizing forums for teaching the youth and the general public about sexuality. They believe that by offering right sex education to the residents of the city, they would have empowered them to make sound sex decisions.they teach the locals about contraception and condom usage. They have reached out to most locals and mentality on sex within the city is gradually changing.

Outreach programs have also helped much in offering correct sex education in Union city. With exhibitions on contraception and ways of preventing STDs, they are saving local’s lives day in day out.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Union City, NJ

Demographics has greatly impacted STD infection rate within union city. With the population of the city exceeding 69,000 in 2010, human interactions have been fostered by the increased use of technology and social media, which has in turn influenced the growth of STDs within the city.

With the population of the city encompassing a variety of races including, Hispanics who are the majority with a percentage of 84.7, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Natives among other races, the rate of STD infections is bound to increase. These races have different beliefs and practices. Also the mixing up of these races results in new practices. Some of these practices, beliefs and values necessitate sexual interactions which in turn increases the chances of STD infections among the residents.

Availability of religions within the city also contributes to the increase of STDs. Religions available in the city are, evangelical protestants, catholics, orthodox, Black protestants among other religions. These religions have different teachings and beliefs. Some of these beliefs undermine women and others encourage sexual interactions. This results in increased rapes or sexual adventures which in turn increases the chances of STD infections.

Increased cases of males marrying males and women marrying women is another factor that has severely increased the rate of STD infection in Union city. With men who have sex with men households having 0.5 % of all households and women having 0.3%, this has greatly impacted the increase of STDs within the city considering that these two types of unions account for the most number of STD infections.

Poverty is another contributing factor in the increase of STDs within Union city. With a staggering 24.5% of the total population living in poverty or below the average poverty level. It’s a challenge for most households and individuals to access regular STD check ups, this leaves them vulnerable to STD infections. Many people within the city cannot afford the treatment of these diseases and hence increase the chances of more infections. Though the above factors facilitate the increase of STDs within Union city, outreach programs have been gradually helping the locals reduce the infection rates.

STI Testing Resources in Union City, NJ

The rate of STD infection increase within Union city has been worrisome over the last five years. The health sector has been tasked with steadying the situation. With statistics showing no progress in the fight against STDS, the health department in Union city has embarked on improving the status of health facilities and ensuring that there are sufficient points for STD testing and treatment.

Jersey City medical center is one of the main public health centers within the city. It offers both appointment and walk in basis services. It offers free HIV/AIDs testing services. They also offer family and individual STD therapies depending on client’s wishes. They offer quality services to all regardless of race or ethnicity. Their STD services are medically correct, private and confidential. They also offer referrals upon client’s request. NYC Health/Hospitals Metropolitan is another public health center with a reputation of fast and quality health services. It offers appointment basis services that are confidential. They offer both family and individual STD therapies. They have a specialized staff on all STDS and handle their clients courteously.

Hoboken University Medical Center is a private health center within Union city. It offers appointment basis services only, which are private and confidential. Their staff is trained on client handling modalities and emergency attendance. They are very strict on time and offer clinically correct diagnosis for any type of STD. Their cost is client friendly so you won’t pay more than  what you have received. Christ Hospital is another private health center within Union city. It has a reputation of offering medically correct STD diagnosis. They value attending their clients. They offer appointment basis services and they boast some of the best experts in all STDs within the city.  Their services are time bound, hence no wastage of client’s time.

PromptMD Urgent care center is another health facility within the city. It offers both walk in and appointment basis services. With a qualified staff in every front, the facility offers medically accurate, private and confidential STD testing services. The staff is trained on fast handling of clients so you won’t waste your time in the clinic. They offer referral services upon client’s request. Concentra Urgent Care is another facility that handles walk in basis clients. They offer time bound services that are accurate and confidential. Their staff is well trained on client handling procedures and so they will always offer you the best services ever.

Summit Avenue Parenthood center is another health facility in Union city. It offers both std testing and counselling and contraception methods services. Fully equipped for its purpose and with specialized personnel in all STDs, the facility enjoys attending their clients fast and with care. They offer family and individual therapies. William St Parenthood center is another health facility within the city. It offers appointment only services that are time bound. They offer private and confidential STd testing services. They also dispens condoms to the locals along with offering contraception information.

Better Sexual Health in Union City, NJ

Union city’s population has been growing rapidly over the last five years. As the economy of the city grew so was the population. With the growth of the population and economy, many people sought for greener avenues in the city. This increased human interactions from different regions and with different cultural practices and beliefs. This in turn led to the increased levels of STD infection within the city dwellers.

With the increase in STD infection in the city, the health sector has moved in with policies to see out the spread of STDS. One of the moves was introduction of abstinence only as the only sure way of preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Though this worked in reducing the rates of HIV/AIDs it has been completely ineffective fighting CHlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis. This has compelled the health sector along with school boards to initiate the abstinence plus policy. Locals and students are taught about sexuality and ways of preventing STDs like the usage of condoms. This seems to be the only long term solution of combating the spread of STDs in Union city.

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