What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Summit,NJ?

Summit City, Union County, New Jersey state all have been reporting significant sexually transmitted diseases incidences. Chlamydia takes more than 50% of all new diagnoses affecting Black, African American men and women and white men having sex with other men.

A 2015 STD Surveillance report by the New Jersey Department of Health Division of HIV, STD and TB services, the Union county documented approximately 2,035 cases of chlamydia and 327 cases of gonorrhea while cases of syphilis was about 50.

With a population of 21,457 people according to the 2010 US Census, Summit city had 38 cases of Chlamydia. Gonorrhea and all stages of syphilis remained insignificant with less than ten cases in 2015. Sex education points to this surging incidences along with improved and accessible healthcare.

The Department of Health, New Jersey has absorbed the use of modern STD reporting methods. This helps capture a near accurate field picture hence channeling CDC’s funding where it’s really needed. STD training centers, sex education initiatives, access to treatment and medication along with counselling are some of the prevention efforts.

STD prevention call for regular STD testing if one is sexually active regardless of whether they are healthy or otherwise. New Jersey HIV/AIDs Planning Group offices located along Albany street 2nd floor tower 2 along with Planned Parenthood Health clinic in Summit are the public facilities available.

Although you can opt to local clinics that may render free STD testing, you may have to deal with long queues and long waiting hours. You might also be charged to access doctor consultation services and the results might not be released immediately.