What are the STI test options in Sayreville,NJ?

One of the major health concerns in Sayreville, NJ, in Middlesex County, is the spiking levels of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some of the STDs commonly diagnosed include syphilis, gonorrhoea, HPV, chlamydia, and HIV/AIDs.

The rate of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) per 100,000 persons reported in Middlesex County in 2012 was 267.6. By 2016, it had risen to 366.5. The percentage increase was 37.0%.

The 2014 County Health Rankings that used data collected in 2010 showed that the HIV prevalence rate then was 290 in Middlesex County. The number of HIV cases reported was 1,966.

According to data collated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2016, half of the people who are infected by STDs annually, in New Jersey, are aged between 15 and 24 years. Most of them were men, women, and men having sex with men.

The New Jersey Department of Health runs the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Program that focuses on preventing and reducing the effects of STIs among the residents of Sayreville. This is through providing services that include testing, education, and treatment.

STD tests are also offered at the Middlesex County STD Clinic. Other nearby clinics that provide the testing services include the Planned Parenthood – New Brunswick Health Center and the Middlesex County Public Health Clinic.

Some of the health centers may be providing free STD testing services. However, they might charge for doctor consultation and you may be unable to book appointments.

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