What are the STI test options in Bayonne,NJ?

Bayonne, New Jersey is a city in Hudson County. It is located on a peninsula between Newark Bay and New York Bay.

It is east of Newark and west of Brooklyn. It is connected to Staten Island by the Bayonne Bridge. A portion of the Port of New York and New Jersey is located there.

In 2019, an episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart parodied Sarah Palin’s Alaska reality TV show. You might have seen this trailer for a fictional Jason Jones’ Bayonne, New Jersey.

It portrayed the city by showing prostitution, drugs, crime, pollution, and a stereotypical Italian-American population.The mayor of the city said the representation was inaccurate. Unfortunately, the same is not true regarding the high STI rates in Bayonne, NJ.

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STD Statistics In Hudson County, NJ



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Hudson County, NJ. Data is normalized to accurately report Hudson County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Bayonne, NJ

While New Jersey is small in size as compared to other states especially those in the West, but New Jersey ranks in the center of STD rates. This includes rates for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Here are the statistics for the state.

  • 7,486 cases of gonorrhea
  • 27,269 cases of chlamydia
  • 229 cases of syphilis (primary)
  • 410 cases of early-latent syphilis

Let’s get some insight by looking even more closely at the statistics for gonorrhea for the state from 2010 to 2015 for ages 15-44. We do not know the reason why the rates spiked for males but can consider that there was unprotected sex.

Rates increased for males. Rates were steady for females except for 2012 when rates spiked up. Rates increased overall in the time period from 2010 to 2015.

Recently released national numbers show these statistics. Young people ages 15 to 24 face the greatest risk of becoming infected with an STD. Young people account for nearly two-thirds of chlamydia diagnoses

Young people account for half of gonorrhea diagnoses. Gay and bisexual men are at increased risk for contracting gonorrhea and syphilis cases. About four out of five new cases of gonorrhea and syphilis are due to sex between men.

There is a marked increase in the number of newborns born with syphilis nationwide. New Jersey is one of 19 states that did not report a single case of a newborn with syphilis in 2015.

The last case there was in 2012. However, every county but Cape May reported at least one case of syphilis.

Graph of hiv rates in bayonne new jersey from 2010

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Bayonne, NJ

New Jersey according to some has developed a reputation as a leader nationally in sex education for decades. They were the first state in the country to pass a mandate for sex education classes.

We still need to ask the question if teens are getting all the information they need from their high school sex education classes. One who believes it is not enough is Nicole Cushman.

Cushman is the executive director of Answer and part of a program at New Jersey’s Rutgers University/Center for Applied Psychology. Answer is a program dedicated to promoting access to comprehensive sex education.

Cushman feels that comprehensive standards don’t always translate to effective teaching. She notes that students are not always satisfied with the information they are getting in school. She reports that young people are not getting in the classroom a safe place to talk about relationships and sexuality which is what they need.

Students report that they get clinical information in the sex education class. The class does not address their lives. They want sex education that is relevant for everyone.

Some teachers do not feel comfortable addressing gender identity issues. Students are accepting of LGBTQ individuals. Students are also coming to terms with their sexual identity at a younger age.

Cushman does not want sex education to be a place for young people to divulge personal information. It should be a place for discussing issues and not personal situations.

She said sex education is challenging and requires a unique skill set. Cushman is devoted to teacher training. She feels that many teachers do not now get adequate specialized training when getting their credentials.

They are in a classroom with a curriculum and standards and not much guidance. She has worked with the New Jersey Department of Education to help with this. The state board of education adopts standards on what to teach for sex education.

The state law requires schools to stress abstinence as the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy. The school and district choose how best to instruct students in the district about those standards.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Bayonne, NJ

Demographics are related to STI rates in your area. Young people are one demographic to note.

This group covering ages 15 to 24 faces the greatest risk of becoming infected with an STD. The demographic accounts for about 75 percent of chlamydia diagnoses and about 50 percent of gonorrhea diagnoses.

Another demographic of note is gay and bisexual men. This demographic is at increased risk for contracting gonorrhea and syphilis cases.

Roughly four out of five new cases of gonorrhea and syphilis are attributed to sex between men. Gay and bisexual men are more at risk for getting a version of gonorrhea that is resistant to antibiotics.

Compared with older adults, sexually active young people are at higher risk of getting an STD. However, we should also look at STD rates in seniors.

The Center for Disease Control notes increases in senior citizen population STDs. Since 2007, incidence of syphilis among seniors is up by 52 percent. Chlamydia is up 32 percent.

Factors in the growing numbers include Americans are living longer and healthier lives with an interest in sex. Viagra and similar pills are another factor as are progesterone and estrogen creams for older women.

Since pregnancy is not an issue, seniors could feel that unprotected sex is an option. Seniors have not received an education in how unprotected sex can lead to STDs.

STI Testing Resources in Bayonne, NJ

There are many resources available to you in your city and area for you to learn about STDs and where to get testing and treatment.

Bayonne Women’s Health Center is located in your city and can help you. Reduced rates could apply for teen and college students for the initial visit. The clinic offers:

Chlamydia Testing

Syphilis Testing

Gonorrhea Testing

Richmond University Medical Center is about 2.5 miles away and on Staten Island. The hospital offers:

Chlamydia Testing

Syphilis Testing

The Community Health Action of Staten Island Incorporated Port Richmond Office is in Staten Island. This AIDS service organization offers:

Conventional HIV Oral Testing

Rapid HIV Oral Testing

Hepatitis B Vaccine

HPV Vaccine

The Community Health Action of Staten Island Incorporated PLACE is close to you. This AIDS service organization offers:

HIV Testing

Rapid HIV Blood Testing

Rapid HIV Oral Testing

STD and pregnancy testing only for 13-24 year-olds.

Planned Parenthood of New York City Incorporated Staten Island Center is about 2.5 miles from you. If you are not insured you could qualify for a state funded program or a lower fee.  It offers the following services.

Rapid HIV Oral Testing

Chlamydia Testing

Syphilis Testing

Gonorrhea Testing

Herpes Testing

HPV Vaccine

Staten Island University Hospital Bay Street Health Center is in Staten Island and about 2.7 miles from you. The facility has a teen risk assessment program. People who are ages 12 to 21 qualify for the program. The facility offers:

HIV testing

Chlamydia Testing

Syphilis Testing

Gonorrhea Testing

Herpes Testing

Hepatitis B Vaccine

HPV Vaccine

Spectrum Health Care Incorporated is in Jersey City and about 3 miles from you. It offers:

Conventional HIV Blood Testing

Chlamydia Testing

Syphilis Testing

Gonorrhea Testing

Urgent care facilities can help you with information and STD testing and treatment.

You should know that Planned Parenthood deals with both women’s and men’s issues. Services are available on a walk in basis or by appointment.  The facility can use a urine sample to test for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

If you test positive, you can get treatment for yourself and your partner. A finger stick blood sample can provide a rapid HIV test. Results are available in 10 to 40 minutes.

STD Check could be another option for you. It is a possible option if you are not comfortable going to one of the other facilities such as Planned Parenthood. It is a private service.

Better Sexual Health in Bayonne, NJ

Whether you contact Planned Parenthood, a high school counsellor or nurse at an area high school, an online service, or a clinic or hospital, you can find in your area information about STDs, testing, and treatment. While STD rates are high in your area, help is available in your city in the way of testing and treatment that is confidential, discreet, compassionate, and effective.

Consider how the staff at these facilities is trained to help someone like you, especially with the staff at Planned Parenthood or any other facility reminding you to check your health, improve it, and keep yourself healthy by always using a condom.

You can get information about STDs, testing, and treatment from a counsellor or nurse at a school such as Bayonne High School. You can also get such information at a medical facility such as Bayonne Medical Center. Here are links to these resources.

Other Cities Near Bayonne, New Jersey

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