What are the STI test options in New Brunswick,NJ?

At the beginning of 2018, close to 3000 people were living with HIV in Middlesex county, a rate the Department of Health considers to be epidemic. Although the number of new HIV cases each year has remained fairly steady, the fatality rate has dropped dramatically in Middlesex county from 92% in 1990 to less than 5% in 2017. This decline can be attributed to early diagnosis and ongoing treatment with medication. 

The COO of the South Jersey AIDS Alliance believes diagnosis and treatment with medication is essential to lowering the number of, or even eliminating, new transmissions. 

The Middlesex County Public Health Clinic, located on Jersey Avenue, New Brunswick, provides a range of services including testing, counselling and referral for HIV. All testing is confidential and the staff are sensitive and friendly, however the testing is subject to a fee.

You might also try Planned Parenthood on Industrial Drive, New Brunswick, for knowledgeable and dedicated service. The staff can provide extensive information about sexual health, language interpretation services and perform STD testing anonymously and confidentially depending on your needs. Once again, there is a fee for testing, although insurance may cover some services so you should take it with you if applicable. 

Another option is the Dr William Toth Memorial Health Center located on Idlewild Road, Edison – approximately 20 minutes drive from New Brunswick. The Sexual Health Clinic runs on alternate Monday evenings and generally does not require an appointment. Specific HIV testing takes place separately and does require pre-booking. 

It is worth contacting individual clinics to find out whether any provide free STD testing to eligible patients, however these programs often have long lines and may keep inconsistent or inconvenient hours.  

Which one is right for you?