What are the STI test options in Michigan City,IN?

Michigan City, IN is in the pool of cities in Indiana whose rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) remain high. Gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis are some of the most commonly reported ones. Cases of HIV have also been recorded in the region.

The 2014 Indiana Annual Report showed that LaPorte County had 399 infections of chlamydia reported by the end of 2013. The STD’s rate during that period was 358.0 cases per 100,000 residents. The same year saw the county record 129 diagnoses of gonorrhea and less than five infections of syphilis.

The 2012 Indiana County Health Rankings used 2008’s STD data. They showed that LaPorte County had an HIV prevalence rate of 194 in 2008.

The Minority Health Coalition of La Porte County hopes to enhance the health of minorities in the region by promoting prevention programs for various problems that include the spread of STDs. The coalition holds workshops that increase education on STDs. It also teaches the residents how they can easily access health care if they are infected.

If you want to get STD/HIV testing services in Michigan City, feel free to visit the LaPorte County WIC Program. You can also consider visiting the Planned Parenthood – Michigan City Health Center or the STD Clinic – Allen County Department of Health that you will find in New Haven, Indiana.

Some public clinics may be offering low-cost or free STD testing services on some specific days. However, you may have to pay if you want to consult the doctor. It might also be difficult to book an appointment.

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