What are the STI test options in Orland Park,IL?

You might expect Orland Park to share Chicago’s STD rates, but most of suburban Cook County has lower STD rates than Chicago does.

In 2016, suburban Cook County had a chlamydia rate of 461.1 per 100K people. This is still high. Women aged 20–24 had the largest share of cases, followed by females aged 15–19.

Health officials urge all sexually active people to get tested often, as chlamydia and many other STIs can be asymptomatic, especially at the beginning. Left untreated, chlamydia can damage a woman’s reproductive system. Orland Park’s chlamydia rate was even lower than suburban Cook County’s—under 199.2.

But make sure you get tested so you can be treated if you’re among that number.

Orland Park also had a relatively low gonorrhea rate for 2016—under 21.9 per 100K people, and a primary and secondary syphilis rate under 5.2. Gonorrhea was slightly more prevalent in males, and for both males and females, the 20–24 age group had the largest number of cases. Those with syphilis where mostly male.

There are a few STD-testing clinics in Orland Park, and even more in Chicago and other suburbs. Planned Parenthood is on South LaGrange Rd, and they test for STIs and treat all except HIV, for a fee on a sliding scale.

Physicians Immediate Care on 159th St offers comprehensive and confidential STD testing. ACCESS – Blue Island Family Health Center provides HIV testing. You may be able to find free STD testing during campaigns or STD Awareness Month.

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STD Statistics In Cook County, IL



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Cook County, IL. Data is normalized to accurately report Cook County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Orland Park, IL

Your city is part of Cook County which ranks first in the state for rates of gonorrhea and syphilis and second in chlamydia. Cook County had over 39,000 cases of chlamydia, 11,000 cases of gonorrhea, and 900 cases of syphilis according to a recent report. Only Los Angeles County has more cases of these STDs per capita.

Illinois has the eleventh most cases of chlamydia in the country. It has the eleventh most cases of gonorrhea and the fifteenth most cases of syphilis. 17.4 per 100,000 people is the rate of syphilis in Cook County. That is better than the 45 in Fulton County, Georgia, or the 60 in San Francisco.

A recent report noted that more than half of all high school student in the Chicago Public School system reported having sexual intercourse. Twelve percent of these are before the age of thirteen. More than a third reported not using a condom during their last sexual intercourse. More than a quarter say they have not been taught about HIV.

Concerning HIV infection according to a recent report about Cook County, 81 percent of new female infections were among Blacks. Of all new HIV diagnoses 24 percent were diagnosed with AIDS within 12 months with this figure down from 35 percent a decade before. Of those living with an HIV infection 79 percent were men and 51 percent were Black. Men having sex with men accounted for 59 percent.

Chicago is making progress against HIV, AIDs, and STIs according to one report. One example is that the number of new HIV infection diagnoses has been declining in the last decade. More progress is needed as you can see.


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Orland Park, IL

Illinois does not require schools provide sex health education, but Chicago public schools have a sex education curriculum that starts basic sex education in kindergarten. By fifth grade, students are supposed to learn about contraception and condoms.

When Illinois legislators passed house bill 3027 the state saw a sex education law that permits teachers to education students about both abstinence and contraception. The bill does not make sex ed a requirement in all schools. It does broaden what information the curriculum can cover. Before passing this bill in 2011 only abstinence education was taught to prevent teen pregnancy and STDs.

The new protocols allow teachers to incorporate age appropriate and medically accurate materials. This would help teens protect themselves. Parents have the right to review the course before deciding whether to allow their child to participate. Some legislators in the state opposed this approach stating it would make no difference in rates of teenage pregnancy and STDs.

In Illinois public act 98-0441 applies. It states that schools can teach sex education in grades six through twelve. The instruction is to include abstinence and contraception. The materials used must be evidence based and accurate medically. The Illinois State Board of Education must provide a listing of resources to assist schools with instructional materials to comply with the law.

A recent report showed that some parents at a West Side school in Chicago found the fifth grade sex ed plan horrifying and obscene. The parents viewed the new sex education curriculum and found it over the top and not age appropriate. A school hosted several parent workshops to explain about Chicago Public School new sex education curriculum.

Parents viewed material intended for students. This material explained about the benefits of female condoms, extending sex, and increasing pleasure. The chairwoman of the Local School Council called the information appalling and not age appropriate. This account provides an idea of what norms can be like in the area.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Orland Park, IL

Demographics play a role in the number of STDs in the city, Chicagoland, the surrounding county, and your city. With STD rates high in Chicago, the higher rates tend to be on the South and West sides near your city. This is according to a report from the Chicago Department of Public Health. With your city being a southwest suburb, this is a concern. The pattern is similar for gonorrhea and chlamydia on the South and West side, but the rates for syphilis are greatest on the North side.

Additional factors contributing to higher rates of infections are high poverty and poor access to health care and transportation. Statistics concerning your city do not show high poverty and issues with access to health care and transportation. With Cook County ranking first in the state for rates of gonorrhea and syphilis, it ranks second in chlamydia. Students in Chicago public high schools report over half having sexual intercourse. Over 10 percent have sexual intercourse before the age of 13.

The Chicago report shows these types of infections and ages with infections disproportionately impacting young people.

  •       Sixty percent are aged 13 to 24 for gonorrhea cases.
  •       Sixty-seven percent are aged 13 to 24 for chlamydia cases.
  •       Forty-four percent of primary and secondary syphilis cases are aged 30 or younger.

Concerning infections and additional demographics here are some statistics per a recent report.

  •       In both men and women chlamydia was the most reported at just over 27,000 cases in 2014.
  •       Of the people living with HIV 79 percent are men.
  •       Of new HIV infections 81 percent are female.
  •       For males, gonorrhea was the highest since 2010 and lowest for females for 2014 cases.
  •       Syphilis decreased for males and females.
  •       For syphilis cases sixty percent are men having sex with men.
  •       New HIV diagnoses continue to decline in Chicago year-over-year. In 2013, there were 1,091 new diagnoses, 41% below the peak of 1,857 recorded in 2001.
  •       Among newly diagnosed individuals in care, 80% of those prescribed antiretroviral therapy have already achieved the ultimate goal, viral suppression, signi cantly decreasing their chances of transmitting the disease to others.

When it comes to HIV care, Chicago fairs better than the rest of the nation. In Chicago, estimates show that over half received HIV medical care in 2011, that is compared to only 40% nationally.


STI Testing Resources in Orland Park, IL

Fortunately, there are several STI testing resources available in your city and the surrounding area including community testing facilities, a hospital, and the Planned Parenthood/Orland Park location.

If you are embarrassed or ashamed to be seen in line at Planned Parenthood, fortunately, you have other options in your area. This includes an urgent care center or hospital such as Palos Community Hospital where no one knows you are there due to issues over STDs.

Another option is a service such as Personal Labs/Quest where you can order testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis B, and HIV. You order the tests online, then go to a lab near you. You get results of the test via telephone, then talk to a doctor about treatment if needed. An example of one of the over 30 STD tests you can order is the comprehensive STD blood test that covers HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Keeping information private comes with the policy of keeping your personal information safe in a database. They guarantee confidentiality through the ordering and testing process.

The Orland Park/Planned Parenthood facility could be an ideal place for you to go for information and testing whether you are male or female and considering get tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, and other STDs. Here is more information about the Orland Park facility where the staff is trained to work with someone in your situation and the staff is compassionate and caring, trying to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

  • It provides a rapid HIV testing option where you provide a blood sample from a finger stick and get results within an hour.
  • If you are 19 to 26 with no health insurance, you could get help including an HPV vaccine (Gardasil) at no charge through the Merck Vaccine Patient Assistance Program.
  •   If you have insurance, STD testing and treatment could be covered.
  •  Medicaid is accepted.

You could also go to a walk in clinic such STD-Testing in your area. You start the process by talking to a counsellor or completing an online form. You get a call or text about what time to come to the office. After you come to the office you get a text of email about when to expect results. You talk by phone about results and treatments. A chat service is also available. This group covers testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis, and other STDs and conditions.

Better Sexual Health in Orland Park, IL

Whether you go to the Orland Park /Planned Parenthood, a high school counsellor or nurse at for example Carl Sandburg High School, an online service, or a clinic or hospital, you can find in your area information about STDs, testing, and treatment.

While STD rates are high in the Chicago and Cook County areas, help is available in your city in the way of testing and treatment that is confidential, discreet, compassionate, and effective.

Consider how the staff at these facilities is trained to help someone like you, especially with the staff at Planned Parenthood/Orland Park or any other facility reminding you to check your health, improve it, and keep yourself healthy by always using a condom. If you have had unprotected sex you can find in your Cook County neighborhood resources to help you get tested and if needed treated.

Here are links to resources mentioned above.



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