What are the STI test options in Harvey,IL?

Nationally, there is a public concern over increased sexually transmitted diseases in the region. Chlamydia has taken the large proportion of over 75% of all infections reported.

Illinois has been ranked 10th in Chlamydia prevalence subject to the 2016 STD CDC report. With the infection rate averagely 497.3, the county has 562.7 with 72,201 cases documented. Nationally rate for gonorrhea is 145.8 compared to statewide rate of 165.2. Syphilis has a rate of 8.7 and 9.8, nationally and statewide respectively.

From the report, it is gathered that 15-19 year olds, the 20-24 year olds, and the 25-29 year olds are the high risk population. These groups made up to over 70% of the reported cases of STDs. Black people continue to be infected with diseases more than twice as much as other races.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Public Health has come up with an Adolescent and young adults’ initiative that channels its resources into STD prevention and control to this target groups.

STD testing and screening has been emphasized as it’s the wheel that propels the health officials to infectious diseases control. South Holland Center based on 901 e Sibley Blvd, Chicagoland Infectious Disease on 17901 Governors highway and the Access Family Health Society on Maple Avenue, Blue Island, Illinois are some of the available options.

Alternatively, several local clinics and health care centers may provide free STD testing but the downside of the services are that you may not be allowed to see doctors on site since they operate on tight schedules and you might have to wait for long hours to be attended. Moreover, the clinics may not test all STDs and the results may take up to more than weeks.

Which one is right for you?