What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Alsip,IL?

The STD situation in Cook County may get out of hand if the current preventive strategies are not bolstered. Most STD occurrences involve chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, which are curable.

According to an STD Epidemiological Survey by the Illinois Department of Public Health (2007-2016), chlamydia rates have been increasing from 312.4 cases per 100,000 persons to 378.3. In 2015, there were 390 gonorrhea cases, which rose to 504 in 2016; a 29.2% rise.

Furthermore, the analysis report also indicated that syphilis cases in the county increased from 4 incidences in 2007 to 22 cases in 2012. These later jumped to 46 cases in 2016, with an occurrence rate of 6.8.

In the attempt to intervene in the HIV pandemic, “Let’s Stop HIV Together” was established. The program conducts mass awareness, promote testing and treatment, end the HIV stigma, and risk-reduction among at-risk groups.

If you’re looking for STI testing clinics near Alsip, you can visit the Christian Community Health Center Chicago Clinic. The clinic may offer STD/HIV testing and treatment, as well as PrEP services.

You can alternatively visit the Access Community Health Network and the South Suburban HIV AIDS Regional Clinics.

Even though there are other locally clinics that might offer free STD testing in Alsip, some clinics may limit you to consult the doctors on site or the tests may not be as free as indicated. Moreover, you may have to wait in long queues before seeing a health worker and the clinics might offer these low-services at inconvenient hours.