What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Hauppauge,NY?

Suffolk County where Hauppauge city seats is doing poorly in sexually transmitted diseases prevalence. Gonorrhea cases have more than doubled in men from 2013 to 2016, cases of syphilis are 70% among gays and bisexual men while chlamydia has alarmingly affect 15-24 age group with more than 50%. This has not been a county crisis but state and national in the same vein.

In 2016, CDC reported over 2.3 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis nationally. In New York State, there were 116,843 cases of chlamydia,34,11 cases of gonorrhea and 6,273 cases of syphilis. There were 15 congenital cases new diagnoses up by 15% in 2016.

More often than not, most STDs do not exhibit signs and symptoms, it may take days, weeks, months and years before they manifest. At times symptoms may appear and disappear while one remains infected. It’s recommended to regularly get screened to abort permanent health impact from untreated STDs.

Health Authorities in Hauppauge, have identified risky sexual behavior and lack of information as the primary propeller to STD spread among the 15-24 people. It partnering with high schools, colleges and tertiary institutions in order to enlighten them on sex education and STDs.

For comprehensive and confidential STD testing visit either of these public health centers; Suffolk County Department of Health on 100 Veterans’ Memorial Highway in Hauppauge or Smithtown Planned Parenthood Center on 70 Maple Avenue.

Some local clinics might offer free STD testing to the public, but they might hinder you from accessing the doctors on site or the centers might limit you to some STD tests. Besides, you may be needed to meet eligibility criteria of income level, age and residency to qualify for these services.