What are the STI test options in Mount Vernon,NY?

According to the Westchester Department of Health, STDs accounted for over 60 percent of all communicable diseases (excluding HIV and influenza) in 2014 for the county, including the community of Mount Vernon, NY.

Since this report, the number of reported STD cases, including gonorrhea and chlamydia, have continued to climb. In 2017, Westchester County reported 672 cases of gonorrhea, which represents a nearly 15 percent increase from 2016. The number of reported chlamydia cases in the county rose less than one percent with the number of reported cases increasing from 3,804 cases in 2016 to 3,812 cases in 2017.

In addition, the county had 268 reported cases of syphilis, including primary, secondary, early latent, and late latent syphilis in 2017.

According to the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 2017 report, the number of HIV reported cases increased by 20 percent, as the number of reported cases rose from 99 cases in 2016 to 119 cases in 2017.

There are several public facilities in Mount Vernon, NY that might offer STD testing, including the Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital and Planned Parenthood – Mount Vernon Health Center. You will also find numerous private medical centers and doctor’s offices in Mount Vernon, NY that may offer STD testing. Many of these offices are located on or near West First Street.

You also can drive into The Bronx and find additional clinics that may provide STD and HIV testing, such as the Morrisania Sexual Health Clinic or The Oval Center at Montefiore – Montefiore Medical Center.

Some of these locations might advertise free STD testing. However, free services may be based on residency and income guidelines and immediate test results might not be available.

Which one is right for you?