What are the STI test options in Cortlandt,NY?

Cortlandt, NY — The Gateway to the Hudson — sits on the northwest edge of Westchester County. 

While New York is seeing an upswing in the prevalence rates for STDs and HIV, Cortlandt is seeing a reduction in the HIV rate in their community. While this rate has increased by 1.5% from 2013 to 2017, Cortlandt has actually realized a 2.3% drop.

Unfortunately, this trend does not hold true for their STD prevalence rates. While the state has only seen a 2.6% increase in STD prevalence, Cortland has experienced a growth of 10.4% during that same 5 year period.

In fact, there were roughly 339 out of every 100,000 people in Cortlandt living with STDs in 2017. A number that is believed to be due in large part to the advent of social media as a dating tool.

“The transient nature of dating apps contributes to the spread of these diseases. Cortlandt is not immune to this Tinder/Grindr phenomenon.”

Those Cortlandt residents seeking STD and HIV screening have a number of options in the area from which to choose. Many can even be reached without crossing the Bear Mountain Bridge.

The Westchester County Health Department office in White Plains lists STD and HIV testing as part of it’s Women’s Health offerings. It is roughly a 30-mile drive but is the closest location available.

Planned Parenthood also has a clinic in White Plains that may offer STD testing for Cortlandt citizens. Also, the HRH Care Community Health Center on Park Avenue in Yonkers may offer HIV and STD testing and treatment.

While many clinics offer free STD testing, it is important to keep the possible cons in mind before signing up. These free testing services are often dependent on income and welfare eligibility, may charge extra for a doctor consultation, and may not allow for bookable appointments.

Which one is right for you?