What are the STI test options in New Rochelle,NY?

In Westchester County, 403 people per 100,000 were living with HIV in 2015, and on average 2,875 new HIV diagnoses are made every year in New York. It is also estimated that every year at least 30 new cases of HIV occur in New Rochelle alone. In Westchester County, the demographics most at risk of contracting HIV are Hispanic men and those who engage in male-to-male sexual contact. 

Worrying statistics also estimate that there were 109,433 cases of Chlamidya and 29,000 cases of Gonorrhea in New York in 2016. Residents of New Rochelle are therefore at an elevated risk of STD infection, particularly Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. 

As Chamidya, Gonorrhea, and HIV are now so prevalent in Westchester County and New Rochelle, health officials are urging sexually active individuals to seek regular HIV and STD tests. 

The increase of STD and HIV cases in New Rochelle has led health officials to implement educational STD programs in an attempt to educate local residents and consequently prevent diseases from spreading at such a rapid rate.

Public testing clinics in the New Rochelle are suggesting that all sexually active residents should be tested and some public clinics provide free STD testing. However, not all clinics offer these services and those that do sometimes have strict income requirements. 

Examples of clinics that you can easily access in New Rochelle include Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Incorporated (New Rochelle Center), Hudson Valley Community Services Incorporated (MOSAIC Center), and Montefiore (Mount Vernon Hospital). Private clinics are also available

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