What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Massapequa,NY?

Sexually transmitted diseases in the New York State, Massapequa has been rising and falling with worrying incidences reported generally. Infection and disease prevalence has increased since 2000 with about 65%.

According to the New York States 2017 Surveillance Data, there were 116,843 cases of STIs and STDs documented which was about 7% increase from 2016.34,111 cases of gonorrhea, a 17% increase was reported with syphilis dropping by 10%.

Females of 15-24 years were disproportionately affected by chlamydia while primary and secondary syphilis majorly affecting men; about 94% of all new diagnoses with over 86% in either heterosexual or gay relationship.

New York state was ranked 9th for chlamydia, 21st for gonorrhea and 6th for syphilis prevalence in 2017 based on the state rankings.

New York State Department has heightened sensitization and diagnosis program as a way to control and prevent sexually transmitted diseases incidences. Most bacterial STDs are treatable if early diagnosed, however, with viral STDs they cannot be cured but can be conditioned if managed through proper medication.

There are various STD testing and training clinics in Massapequa, Nassau County; Freeport Family Health Center along 380 Nassau road, New Cassel Family Health Center located on 682 Union avenue and Hempstead Family Health Center on 135 main street are some of the available options.

Elsewhere you can find clinics in Massapequa that might offer free STD testing services but you might be needed to have an appointment. The clinics might use your income level and age to qualify for the low cost services. In addition, the health centers might delay to release results for several days and for after prescription might not be available if you test positive.