What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in West Puente Valley,CA?

For years now, the levels of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in West Puente Valley, CA, have been soaring. According to a report from the California Department of Public Health, chlamydia cases showed an upward trend between 2013 and 2017 in Los Angeles County. 2013 recorded 50,957 incidences of chlamydia, and by 2017, they had reached 64,326.

Another report revealed that Los Angeles County had 4,017 cases of early syphilis in 2016. In 2017, they increased to 4,805. Additionally, the state’s department disclosed that the gonorrhea cases in the county were also on the rise. In 2013, they were 13,062. 2017 saw them spike by 99.89% to 26,108.

The Division of HIV and STD Programs fight against the fast spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Los Angeles County. They also make it easier for the residents of West Puente to get quality STD care services.

Seeking STD testing services is a good move that can also reduce the spread of STIs. If you are living within West Puente, you can go to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Administration. You may also get the STD tests at the Planned Parenthood – Hollywood Health Center or the California Department of Public Health in Orange.

You can find your way to a health clinic that may be availing free STD testing services, but options may be limited to the common STDs. Another downside of free testing is that there may be no rapid/instant services, and you may queue for hours to be tested then wait for the test results for over a week. Besides, you might be asked to pay some money in case you want to consult a doctor.