What are the STI test options in Westminster,CA?

Located in northern Orange County in California, Westminster is known for its large population of Vietnamese immigrants who live in the Little Saigon area of the city. Residents enjoy visits to Seal Beach, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, and Fountain Valley.

The city has a population of approximately 91,564 people. Residents enjoy plenty of sunshine and trips to the beach but are also seeing an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

The rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the Westminster area and Orange County has increased, including a 412 percent increase in syphilis cases from 2011 to 2016, a 204 percent increase in gonorrhea, and a 59 percent increase in chlamydia.

There were 11,377 cases of Chlamydia in 2015, up from only 7,926 cases in 2011. Cases of Gonorrhea increased from 972 to 2,322 during the same time period while Syphilis cases went from 108 to 458 in 2015.

In Orange County, there are plenty of places for residents to visit to obtain screenings for sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Several clinics offer free STD testing, although there is a downside to tests with no charge. It is sometimes difficult for people to get an appointment at free clinics and there can be unforeseen charges for treatment if a disease is found. 

The Planned Parenthood – Westminster Health Center offers screenings for all types of sexually transmitted diseases along with contraception, free condoms, and the morning after pill. Down the street is the Orange County Public Health Agency that offers both an STD clinic and an HIV clinic at various times throughout the week. Some clinics, such as Planned Parenthood, will base fees on people’s income and ability to pay while others accept many types of insurance policies.