What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Duarte,CA?

Cases of sexually transmitted diseases in California, Duarte city has almost doubled since 2014. This is a reflection of the national struggle in managing this deadly scourge that is fast spreading. This comes years after STDs were almost zeroed in 1990s and the health officials believed they had managed the situation.

According to the CDC STD Surveillance report, syphilis has alarmingly risen by over 40% in the last five years. Congenital syphilis has moved from 35 incidences in 2012 to 206 new diagnoses in 2017 where most babies end up permanently disabled, blind, cataracts, and stillbirths. It’s also the leading cause of infertility.

Chlamydia has disproportionately affected women below 30 years accounting up to 50%. Male chlamydia cases have similarly been on the rise thanks to risky sexual behavior, bisexual and heterosexual relationships along with less condom use.

Duarte health division under the umbrella of California State Department of Health has greatly improved their STD control and prevention efforts thanks to high incidences of STDs that they are responding to. However, with conventional antibiotics, bacteria STDs have become harder treat more so if not early diagnosed.

STD testing therefore becomes an integral part in the fight against this scourge. Some of the public clinics that offer these services include; Central Public Health center on Figueroa street 241 N, Monrovia Public Health Center on 360 W Maple avenue and Martin Luther King Jnr Center for Public Health on South Wilmington avenue Los Angeles.

Moreover, nearby local clinics may offer free STD testing services but some of them might experience long queues and you be patient with long waiting hours to be served. Other times, the clinics might not offer comprehensive STD testing or they might require you to pay for some of the services.