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STD Statistics In Los Angeles County, CA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Los Angeles County, CA. Data is normalized to accurately report Los Angeles County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Diamond Bar, CA

With the population of the city increasing over the years, the rates of STD infection and most commonly Chlamydia, gonorrhea, Syphilis and Hiv/Aids have been also escalating with time. According to a 2010 research the four STDs total percentage of infection in Los Angeles county is as below:

  • Chlamydia    73%
  • Gonorrhea    16%
  • Syphilis    5%
  • Hiv/Aids    6%

Chlamydia is the most prevalent STD in the county and Diamond city in particular. With females dominating the list of infection according to a 2010 survey, the black americans have the highest number of infections accounting for more than 70% of the total infections in the county. Females within the age of 14 to 29 account for more than 72% of the total number of infections. According to a 2015 research, females had a rate of 678 per every 100, 000 females in Los Angeles while men had a rate of 437. Black American and Latino/Hispanic had most rates with 21% and 56% of the total number of infections respectively. Chlamydia had a grand total rate of 560 per 100,000 in LA county in 2010.

Gonorrhea is the second most common STD in the county and Diamond city. Gonorrhea has been prevalent among men who have sex with men. The county has a total rate of 172.8 per 100, 000 people. Males have a rate of 250.3 while females have a rate of 96 per 100,000 people. Males being the most infected, the black African/Americans and Latino/Hispanic top the list of infections with 39% and 44% out of the total number of infections respectively.

Syphilis though with the least number of infections, had the largest increment percentage. The rate of Syphilis infection in the county was 15.6. To worsen the situation, the county registered a few cases of congenital syphilis. Syphilis was most common among men who have sex with other men. The latino/Hispanics and African/Americans were the most infected.

The rates of infection for the three STDs in LA county per 100, 000 population was:

  • Chlamydia    560
  • Gonorrhea    172
  • Syphilis    15


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Diamond Bar, CA

With an alarming increase in STD infection in Diamond Bar city, the state along with the county health department of Los Angeles target at sensitizing the public about the dangers of unsafe sex through sex education. With statistics showing that the youth are more prone to infection than the other older generations, most of the education policies target the youth.

Abstinence only was introduced in the 1990s to help minimize the rate of HIV/AIDS infection in the county. Students are taught that abstaining from sex is the only sure way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDS. This has been taught through different levels in both Middle and High schools. Abstinence only uses the slogan, “no means no.”

Comprehensive sexual education has progressively been introduced in both middle and high schools with a proposal to introduce it from level 7 through 12. Comprehensive sexual education entails, education on condom use, contraception, refusal skills and ways of having health relationships. A law has been made to introduce comprehensive sex education in middle and high school curriculums so as to help the youth understand themselves. This year (2017) Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills into law allowing comprehensive sexual education in schools curriculums. The sex education also calls for affirmative sex, where “yes means yes” will replace the old “no means no.”

Skill building workshops have also been introduced within the county. This workshop helps parents to learn ways of opening up to their children about sexual development. This has greatly helped in equipping the youth with the accurate information about their body developments and growth changes.

Implementation of Teen Talk. This is a platform for helping the youth with disabilities learn on prevention means of STDs. This has been adopted from grades 5 through 12. With this initiative, many youths have been able to access sexual education. Health facilities have also joined in teaching the locals on sexual education. Together with offering condoms, private and public facilities offer counselling and testing of STDs.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Diamond Bar, CA

Demographics have greatly influenced the increase of STDs in Diamond bar. With a population of more than 55, 000 people, the city has a diverse racial makeup in the below order:

  • White alone    20%
  • Asian alone    54%
  • Hispanic    18%
  • Black alone    4%
  • Native        1%
  • American Indian    0.4%
  • Others        0.3%

With the above race distribution exists different cultures with different values and beliefs. Some of these values and beliefs contradict the fight against STDs in Diamond Bar and influence the increase of STDs.

The population in the city is also distributed into different religions as highlighted:

  • Catholic            36.1%
  • Evangelical Protestant        11%
  • Mainline protestant        2.3%
  • Protestant            1.1%
  • Orthodox            0.6%
  • None                46.9%
  • Other                 4.6%

With the above religion distribution, there exists different beliefs and practices. Some of these beliefs challenge the fight against STDs in the city. Some beliefs hinder sex education delivery while others legalise some sex practices.

Social crimes within the city like, rapes and prostitution have been rising. The city’s rate of rapes according to a 2015 research was 7%. The rise in these crimes increases the rate of STD infection. The perpetrators of rape don’t use protection, this has caused a scare in the spread of STDs within the city.

Poverty level within the city is another influencing factor. The households living below the average poverty level was 6% in 2015. These families cannot afford regular STD screening. This enhances the chances of STD infection in Diamond Bar city. Unemployment is another factor contributing to the increase in STDs. Many youths lack job to sustain themselves hence engage in drug use. Drug abuse leads to ignorance in sex matters or they are unable to finance the drugs and hence exchange sex for drugs. This exacerbates STD infection in the within the city.

With the above factor necessitating the increase of STDs within Diamond Bar city, outreach programs have fought tirelessly and are progressively reducing the STD rates.  


STI Testing Resources in Diamond Bar, CA

The population of the  Diamond, bar city has been overwhelmingly increasing over the last five years. With the current technological advancements and increased use of social media mostly among the youth who are the most affected, the rates of STD infection in the city are threatening to wipe out our next generation. The health community is now turning into all available resources to fight the spread of STDs. This includes all STD testing health centers like Parenthood centers, public and private hospitals and urgent care centers.

San Dimas Community Hospital is one of the public health centers within Diamond city. It offers confidential STD testing services to all the locals regardless of race or ethnicity. Boasting the availability of experts in all STDs, the facility is one of the leading STD testing centers. They offer medically accurate, appointment basis services. HIV/AIDs testing is free while the other STDs are tested at an affordable cost. Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center is another public health facility that has a reputation of offering medically accurate, time based STD testing services. They offer appointment basis STD testing services.

Magan medical clinic is one of the best private health facilities within diamond city. It is an equipped hospital and handles clients from different parts of the county and nation. It offers appointment basis services which are accurate and time based. Having experts in all types of STDs ensures quality testing for their clients. Their customer handling standards are exceptional.  St. Jude Heritage Medical Group is another private hospital in the city. They offer fast and quality  STD testing services. Their services are appointment based and handle their clients courteously.

Brea urgent care  and Smartclinic Urgent care are other health facilities within Diamond Bar city. These facilities offer walk-in basis services. Their services are medically accurate and time based. They also offer emergency STD testing, counselling and treatment. Depending on client’s request they offer referrals to bigger hospitals. Their staff are acquainted to fast and emergency care.

Pomona Planned Parenthood center and East valley parenthood center are other health facilities within the city. They offer quality, medically accurate services to their clients. Their services are appointment basis and are rendered by experts in STDS. They further offer contraception methods and dispense condoms to the locals for prevention.

Better Sexual Health in Diamond Bar, CA

The STD infections rates in Diamond bar has been increasing tremendously over the last five years. With the population growth also increasing, the existing STI testing centers have been unable to counter the spread of STDs. In addition, the city’s reliance on abstinence only as the only measure for combating STDs and unwanted pregnancies has proved to be ineffective.

The health community is pushing for the introduction of comprehensive sexual education in both middle and High schools. Outreach programs have also been staged to help educate the public on sexuality. Extra health facilities have also been established in attempt to steer the ship in the right direction. These measures have been gradually having positive results in the fight against STDs.

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