What are the STI test options in Englewood,NJ?

Bergen County, NJ reported 123 total cases of syphilis in all stages just last year. Twenty-nine of these cases were within the 15-24 age group. Despite these large numbers, cases had decreased since 2017. As there had been a total of 156 cases of syphilis of all stages found within Bergen County, NJ that year. Those aged 15-24 also made up 35 of these instances of syphilis amongst residents.

“Bergen County, NJ ranked 4th out of all New Jersey counties with the largest rate of STDs, this ranking having included gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia cases only. A 59.43 % increase in STD rates in the county since 2012.”

Approximately 20 minutes from Englewood, NJ there is a clinic that offers HIV and Hepatitis C testing services as mentioned on their website. Faces New York can be found at 317 Malcolm X Boulevard in New York, NY.

A closer location that offers STD testing and related services is in Hackensack, NJ and is the Bergen County Department of Health Service – Health Counseling services. They are at 120 South on River Street and mention STD testing as well as counseling services on their website.

Free STD testing can be done at your County Health Department as per their website; although, these services can come with several caveats. These may include not receiving test results right away. You may also be charged for additional services not including testing. This may include treatment, counseling or follow up appointments.

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