What are the STI test options in Manhattan,NY?

New York’s boroughs are treated as separate cities when gathering statistical data such as STD rates, and Manhattan ranks #66 on the list of the most sexually diseased cities in the US. New York City has seen a recent rise in syphilis diagnoses, and the New York neighborhoods with the highest rates are in Manhattan, including Chelsea, Washington Heights, and Central Harlem.

In 2017, 402 Manhattanites were diagnosed with HIV, and 281 people with HIV/AIDS died.

Fortunately, the HIV rate is decreasing. But in 2016, 62,965 people had chlamydia and 16,913 had gonorrhea; both had increased from 2015. New York City has invested more money in sexual-health awareness, resulting in ads around the city, longer hours at sexual health clinic, and free condoms.

Manhattan has lots of clinics that test for STIs. You may qualify for free STD testing at the city clinics if you can prove you cannot pay (keep in mind public clinics are known for long wait times).

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center focuses on the LGBTQ community and provides testing and treatment of STIs, plus counseling. It is located on 18th St. And there are many more in Manhattan, so you are sure to find a clinic near you that will work with your schedule and budget.

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STD Statistics In New York County, NY



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for New York County, NY. Data is normalized to accurately report New York County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Manhattan, NY

Cases of syphilis are highest in the Manhattan neighborhoods of the Upper West Side and SoHo. Northern Manhattan has a higher rate of gonorrhea and chlamydia cases than almost any other neighborhoods. The rate of reported hepatitis cases in Manhattan is 10 times higher than that of surrounding areas.

When it comes to HIV diagnoses 1 out of every 25 men is reportedly HIV positive. For every five men diagnosed with HIV in Manhattan, one is an African American. One out of every four men living in Chelsea have HIV as a result of sex with another man. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reports that Chelsea has the highest HIV infection rate with 5% of residents suffering from the disease. HIV diagnoses in SoHo and Greenwich Village have remained low among women living in those neighborhoods. However, the rate of men in Greenwich Village infected with HIV has gone done over the course of several years.

Of all the neighborhoods in Manhattan the highest chlamydia and gonorrhea rates were found in Central Harlem in both genders. On average, more men than women in Manhattan contract chlamydia and gonorrhea. Greenwich Village is one neighborhood in Manhattan that has seen a spike in the number reported. The majority of the infected residents of the village are female. Reported cases of chlamydia have also been on the rise. Close to 100 women living in the Village has been diagnosed as HIV positive.

STD Testing Manhattan, NY

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

New York STD Testing


The onsite physician is committed to preventing and treating STDs. He or one of his associates are always there, and will be with you every step of the way.

Individual exam rooms help to ensure your privacy, and everything is “in house” from your test to any treatment.

Results do not take long to get, one or two days. Some tests might take longer but this will be explained to you at the beginning.


Patients of all ages are welcome, including minors. You will need to have an appointment to get tested but this can be done over the phone or online.

If you cannot afford the cost of the test, the staff can help you enroll in a program that will cover most or all of the expense. I.D. might be required to validate insurance or simply show that you are the one that initially scheduled the visit.


You can receive counseling before and after testing. You can also speak with a physician while you are at the clinic. A phone number is available if you need to speak to a staff member, however you might find it difficult to reach a doctor. This can be especially true after hours.

All STDs, except HIV, can be successfully treated and/or managed at the clinic. A staff member will help you set up any follow up checkups you might need.


This is a full service STD clinic that covers everything from prevention, education, testing to some treatments. You can get help covering testing expenses, and even referrals if you need to continue your treatment elsewhere.

It is conveniently located next to train and bus routes. Parking can be problematic, so plan in advance to spend time looking for a legal parking spot.


1550 York Ave. New York, NY 10028



Hours can change, especially during holidays.

Ryan Health Center


One of the clinics main focuses is HIV testing, treatment and prevention. However, they do treat and test for all STDs, along with a variety of other sexual health problems.

Physicians are available and on site. However, your test will probably be administered by a clinician. Results are delivered, confidentially, within a few days. It may take longer, up to 2 weeks, for HIV test results.


You can walk-in but there is no guarantee that you will be tested that day. It will depend on the number of clients that have already made an appointment. You can easily make one online or by calling their listed number.

Free testing is available, especially for HIV. These dates are listed on their calander, which you can access online. You might also qualify due to your income, and the staff can help you with that.


You have varying treatment options, which is a good thing. If you decide to go elsewhere, they can help arrange an appointment.

They do not have programs designed for longer term care but can help you find ones that are designed for your health needs. This also includes help filling prescriptions if they are not covered under your insurance.


The bright red awning makes the clinic easy to find, but the hours may not be convenient for everyone. What is nice are the opportunities for free testing, just don’t wait if you feel that you’ve been exposed. They can help you with payments if necessary.

Close to train and bus lines, it is not hard to get there. Be warned in advance that private parking is rarely an option.


565 Manhattan Ave. Manhattan, NY 10027



Hours can change on holidays.

Dr. Elmela Zlatanic Infectious Diseases Clinic


As an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Zlatanic is well acquainted with sexually transmitted diseases. Her clinic might be smaller than some others but she is more than qualified.

Bilingual and assisted by a qualified staff, you can rest assured that this small clinic has the resources necessary for your test. Since there is not a lab onsite, you will have to wait for results. Generally, only a few days. HIV tests can take up to two weeks.


Appointments are required and need to be made by phone. However, once this is done there is rarely a wait.

Unfortunately, she does not offer free services. The doctor does accept most insurance, along with plans run by the state. Age also doesn’t matter but minors might want to ask to ensure that they will not need to notify their parents.


As long as you are not positive for HIV or another infectious disease that requires a lifetime of care, you can be treated at the facility.

In some cases, your insurance will be billed automatically. You can also arrange other forms of payment. You can receive your prescriptions here, but will need to go to a pharmacy to have them filled.


Located on the upper east side, this clinic is a quiet place where you can go to take care of your sexual health. The staff is relatively small but are able to answer questions and preform the tests and treatment you need.

An advantage is its proximity to the bus and train routes. There is even limited parking, if you are lucky enough to find a space.


132 E. 76th St. Suite 2G New York, NY 10021



Hours can change on holidays.

Midtown Primary Care


This is a primary care clinic so it does get busy with a variety of patients. However, they are also skilled at testing for and treating STDs.

The doctor is available during office hours and her staff, including assistants, are more than capable of answering your questions. Test results do not take long. Most are in within one to two days. HIV test results can take longer. Usually around 2 weeks.


Walk-ins are not accepted, the clinic simply can’t handle the volume. You can easily call and schedule one at a time that is convenient for you.

Insurance is accepted, along with state and federal programs. However, payment is due before you leave the office. There are not any programs available here for free or reduce cost testing. All ages are accepted, though minors without their own insurance may need consent from a legal guardian.


Prescriptions can be written and directions given to nearby pharmacies. You can also schedule follow-up visits to ensure that the sexually transmitted infection is cleared up.

If you have been diagnosed with HIV or another infectious disease that does currently not have a cure, the staff can provide you with names and numbers of health clinics that can give you the care you need.

In most cases, a doctor will be available if you have questions that you feel the staff did not adequately answer.


This is a small clinic, but it can effectively test you for STDs and treat most of them. While they do not offer lower cost testing, they can help direct you to clinics that do. This also applies to any treatment you might need that is not covered by your current insurance.

They are centrally located and Grand Central Terminal is nearby, along with several taxi stands. This is the “Big Apple” so parking is at a premium, so you might want to consider taking public transportation.


20 E. 46th St. Suite 1201 B New York, NY 10017



Hours are subject to change. The clinic is usually closed on holidays.

STD Center NYC


This is a general STD clinic and they can get busy. Part of this is due to how easy it is to get tested and the other is because of it’s convenient midtown location.

There are doctors on staff that you can speak too, along with clinicians. Test results can take a few days, and ones for HIV can take up to two weeks.


Appointments are appreciated due to the large volume of clients they see each day. They also ask that if you can’t keep an appointment to cancel in advance. This way someone else has the opportunity to take your spot.

You will be told what you need to bring before your test. What you do need to know is that payment is due before you leave, and there are not any free or reduced rates.


If you are diagnosed with a STD that can be treated with a prescription, you can receive your follow-up care here. A physician will be available to discuss your results, though you may have to wait a bit before they are free.

If you are diagnosed with a STD that you will have for the rest of your life, the staff can help you find the appropriate treatment at another health care facility.


There are several methods of transportation you can take, which makes this clinic easily accessible. Though you may have trouble finding affordable parking if you choose to drive.

The clinic focuses on STD testing, which means you may not be able to get the treatment you need for some sexually transmitted infections. They also do not offer free tests, and not all insurance is accepted.

However, the wait times are usually brief and you can get your questions answered so hopefully you do not have to be treated for additional STDS.


274 Madison Ave. Suite 705 New York, NY 10016



Closed on holidays and every other Saturday.

Travel MD


This clinic focuses on infectious diseases, especially ones you can pick up while traveling. They also test and treat STDs.

The clinic does have a doctor on staff during business hours, and you can speak to one during your appointment.

Since they offer blood, urine, tissue sample and swabs from the genital area, the time for test results can vary. This also applies to the type of STD you are being tested for. Some results are back in two days, while others can take a couple of weeks.


Appointments are typically made over the phone, and you need one if you want to get tested. All forms of payment are accepted, including most insurance policies.

Per state law, minors do not need parental consent. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask when making the appointment. Especially if you are a minor on your parents’ insurance plan. You might need their consent to be covered.


You do have some treatment options, just not for HIV. This clinic only deals with infectious diseases that can be treated with a prescription.

They can help you find the care you need, and send along your paperwork. A physician will also be available to answer any of your questions. You may have to wait a little longer but for some it is worth it.


Specializing in ensuring you are safe from infectious diseases when you travel, this clinic also tests for and helps treats most STDs.

Their location is convenient if you work nearby, if not you have the option of the train or bus lines. You probably do not want to drive your own vehicle, parking is limited and expensive.


952 5th Ave. Suite D New York, NY 10075



Hours can change, especially on holidays.

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Manhattan, NY

Manhattan residents who are suffering from an STD can become educated on sexual health through the HIV Prevention and Access to Care Project, as can those who want to better learn how to prevent contracting one. For these individuals, it is possible to seek treatment that is meant to keep them negative of HIV.

Peer advocates work with individuals to help them learn and understand how to avoid contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Those individuals living in Manhattan that have already been diagnosed with HIV can receive support such as food vouchers for themselves and their children, a personalized nutrition plan and even a group workshop on how to maintain a nutritious diet.

STD and HIV screenings can be obtained by individuals in need, thanks to this project. Individuals can also enroll for health insurance and can become more educated on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, individuals can receive free HIV 1 and HIV2 testing. Patients must give a blood sample to complete the testing process, and will have an answer within 20 minutes. HIV testing appointments can be made for weekdays. Individuals can also get tested for other STDs as well.

The Men’s Health Project, run by the Apicha Community Health Center helps educate and support men when it comes to cutting down on the odds of them being diagnosed with HIV. These services are available to Manhattan residents by appointment only.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Manhattan, NY

In 2015 the reported cases of Syphilis in Manhattan were the most concentrated in the neighborhood of Chelsea. The rate of syphilis cases diagnosed in Chelsea was six times higher than the average city’s percentage. In 2013 alone there were 138 cases of syphilis reported in Chelsea. No other city in the nation had as many syphilis diagnoses for the year as Chelsea did.

By June of 2014, 628 people in Manhattan were diagnosed with syphilis. During the previous year, 585 cases of syphilis had been reported. Most of these cases were reportedly seen in homosexual men at the time and were attributed to the men engaging in unprotected sex.

In an effort to combat the rising STD rate in Chelsea and throughout other areas of New York City, the local STD clinic was shut down for scheduled renovations. Those who fear they have a STD can pay for their testing and any necessary treatment on a sliding scale base, providing New Yorkers with the help they often need to be able to afford STD testing.

One of the city’s agendas is to reach their desired health treatment goals no later than 2018. Of the many goals the city has one of them is to increase education and awareness of syphilis in young people throughout the city. With syphilis on the rise in Manhattan, steps are being taken to ensure that the most vulnerable demographics become increasingly aware of the risks they face when exposed to STDs.

STD Testing Manhattan, NY

Better Sexual Health in Manhattan, NY

In conclusion, STDs are a major problem in Manhattan as well as other parts of New York City. Confidential and private testing can be sought by any resident of the city who fears they may have contracted and STD. The local government is constantly working to improve awareness and education regarding STDs and how to prevent them. Educational classes and material can be obtained by New York City residents at no cost to them. The city urges anyone  to submit to testing for it. Testing and treatment for STDs is something that New York City takes very seriously and is trying to crack down on. Residents can rest assured that there is help available to them if they need it.


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