What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Elmwood Park,NJ?

Sexually transmitted diseases in New Jersey has been fast rising according to the States Health Department. In 2015, there were 40,000 cases of STDs reported which was a 6% increase from the previous year. Chlamydia took the largest portion with 31,200 cases, gonorrhea with 7,100 cases and syphilis with 1,300 cases.

In Roselle municipality,133 cases of chlamydia were reported, 25 incidences of gonorrhea and 4 cases of syphilis. High rates is linked to more STD testing being done along with reporting methods improved in compliance with new legal regulation.

Vulnerable populations were ethic group in small community where infection rate was quite high, rural areas, among females who are sex workers or have multiple partners and in the MSM community.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Elmwood Park has been encouraging sexually active persons to go for regular screening. STD testing services are according to all with or without medical insurance and across all races and people of diverse income levels.

For STD screening services within Elmwood Park, NJ, you may consider visiting the New Jersey Health Department affiliated Resources centers. The health center is open to public and offers STD services such as HIV, herpes, syphilis among others.

There are local clinics that may offer free STD testing services within Elmwood Park, NJ. However, you may be required to make booking and the clinics might offer services at inconsistent hours. In addition, you may not find doctors on site or through phone and if you might incur an extra fee to seek consulting services.