What are the STI test options in Bloomfield,NJ?

Essex County, where Bloomfield is a township, has the leading cases of HIV/AIDS with a total number of 9,827 cases and a prevalence rate of 1,525 cases. The number of new cases diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and STDs has been on a steady increase over the past few years, signaling a dire need for STI awareness and elimination.

Out of the total reported cases of HIV/AIDS cases in Bloomfield, 33% were young people aged between 25-34 years. Another startling statistic is that 31% of these cases were transmitted through male-to-male sexual contact. Morbidity rate also increased from 232 in 2015 to 244 in 2016. 

The public health of New Jersey has been striving to curb the surge of these viruses and diseases through several measures such as the Teen PEP program. This program aims to promote sexual health among high school students and teens in the hopes of preventing the spread of STDs. 

There are several STD testing clinics all around Bloomfield, NJ that offer testing and treatment services. Fortunately, there are both private and public health facilities that can provide free STD testing, although you might have to pay an extra charge for doctor consultation. 

Moreover, there are plenty of establishments that provide appropriate examinations. Some of the available facilities include East Orange health department STD clinic located in East Orange, 3.51 miles from Bloomfield, Clara Maass medical center in Clara Maass Dr. Bellevile, and Hackensack university medical center mountainside in Bay Avenue. 

Which one is right for you?