What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Villa Park,IL?

Villa Park, a village within Chicago Metropolitan, an area of approximately 4.76 square miles has a population of about 21,800 people by the US 2010 census. It has continued to suffer the STD scourge that its increasing becoming a burden to completely wipe out. Sexually transmitted diseases has been exponentially risen over the past decade.

 According to the Chicago Department of Public Health, there were 30,292 reported cases of chlamydia, 788 cases of syphilis and 11,730 incidences of gonorrhea. Women were disproportionately affected by chlamydia and gonorrhea over 1.6 and 1.8 times respectively more than men. How so, men were 15.6 times infected with syphilis more than women.

752 new HIV diagnoses reported in 2017 among Chicago residents making it total up to 23,835 people living with HIV, with an infection rate of 27.9 per 100,000 populations. The HIV incidences have surged commendably from 813 in the previous year.

Health authorities have successful managed to deal with reported STD incidences. This has been attributed to increased willingness to take medication among those who test positive and prevention and control campaigns held often in the region.

Public STD testing clinics offer a range of STD tests including HPV and Hepatitis A, B & C pre-exposure vaccination and HIV/AIDs Prep Addison Family Health Center and Access Melrose Park Family Health Center are some of the public available options in Villa, Park.

One can also check for clinics under federal government funding that may provide free STD testing. However, you might be required to make an appointment to enroll as a patient, results may not be immediate and not all tests might be free.