What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Maywood,IL?

There are 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States of America half of which are teenagers and young adult below the age of 30. Gonorrhea, HPV, herpes, trichomoniasis, HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia are the common STD with the last three most rampant. The STD incidence rate has remained above the national rate.

In 2016, Illinois chlamydia had an overall rate of 562.7 with the national rate being 497.3 ranked 10th statewide. There were 1,598,354 cases nationally and 72,201 cases of chlamydia in the state about 4.5% in the US. Gonorrhea rates are 145.8 nationally and 165.2 statewide with 468,514 cases and 21,199 cases respectively.

The Center for Disease Prevention and control has found out ten times increased chances of infertility, ectopic pregnancy, birth defects, cancers and HIV to persons with STDs that are left untreated. How so, all bacteria STDs are treatable and curable with early detection.

The STD prevention initiatives by the Maywood health officials targets the high risk population of sexually active persons, teenagers, gays and people in multiple sexual relations. Fundamentally, the Department of Public Health emphasize on getting tested and treated, having healthy relationships and practicing safe sex.

For STD testing services, Cook County Department of Public Health clinics on 1701 S first avenue first floor Maywood and Access Melrose Park Family Health Center in Melrose Park 8321 W North Avenue are some public clinics within this town you can check out.

Although nearby clinics may be rendering low cost or free STD testing Testing Maywood, IL, some may experience long queues, therefore, you may receive payments after longs hours. In addition, for after prescription care may be unavailable if you test positive.