What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Yorkville,IL?

The 2018 HIV statistics in Kendall County show that the county recorded 33 new cases. The number of infections was slightly lower than the 36 cases recorded in the previous year.

Chlamydia has recorded the highest number of infections as compared to other STDs in the recent past. In 2018, the health department reported 431 cases at a prevalence rate of 375.6. That was a significant increase as it had reported 412 cases at a prevalence rate of 359.1 in 2017.

The health department noticed a decrease in the number of gonorrhea cases reported in 2018 in comparison to the former year. The county had 88 reported incidences at a prevalence rate of 76.7, lower than the 93 cases recorded in 2017 with a prevalence rate of 81.1.

Early syphilis cases as of 2017 and 2018 showed an obscure difference. In 2018, the department had reported seven cases at a prevalence rate of 6.1, slightly lower than the eight cases at a prevalence rate of 7.0 reported in 2017. 

Primary and secondary syphilis cases recorded were six cases at a prevalence rate of 5.2 in 2017 and four new infections at a prevalence rate of 3.5 in 2018.

The Community Outreach Programs in Kendall County educate the society on responsible sexual behavior and STD prevention methods. Residents can also acquire low-cost or free STD testing services.

Planned Parenthood – Aurora Health Center and Rush Copley Healthcare Center are some of the STD testing facilities near Yorkville. You can also visit the Morris Hospital Yorkville Campus and Open Door Health Center of Illinois.

Some individuals may be eligible for free STD testing services, but people might know why you are at the center, and results might not be immediate.