What are the STI test options in Wheaton,IL?

Since 2000, STD rates in DuPage County have been on a steady increase. Health professionals have reported many cases, notably those that involve chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea.

According to the DuPage County Health Department, chlamydia incidences reported since 2000 has risen to 221%. In 2015, the total chlamydia cases were 2,382 as compared to 732 occurrences 15 years back.

Within the same period, there were 42 documented diagnoses of syphilis, yet in 2000, there were almost none. That was a 425% increase. Meanwhile, gonorrhea incidences had also risen. There was an increase of 50% with 300 new infections in 2015.

The DuPage County Health Department, through the Health Promotions STD Prevention Program, provides community health education on STDs. This initiative also collaborates with academic institutions throughout the county to include sexual health education to prevent the blowout of sexually transmitted infections.

A number of health clinics around Wheaton may provide HIV/STD testing. The DuPage County Health Dept.’s HIV/AIDS clinic located N County Farm Road may provide HIV testing and counseling, including case management for special needs clients.

If you may not be considering a county clinic, a countrywide STD care provider may be another alternative. The Planned Parenthood Medical Center in Aurora may provide a variety of sexual health services, including RAPID HIV blood test, STD testing, gynecological services, HPV immunization, among others.

Other clinical options are available where you may receive free STD testing. The only problem is that the doctors may not be available, or the results may take too long.

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