What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in South Elgin,IL?

Lately, the Kane County Health Department has been dealing with rising numbers of STDs. In fact, sexually transmitted diseases are the most prevalent among the common communicable infections.

In a 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment Report by Professional Research Consultants Inc., Kane County recorded an HIV incident rate of 131.2 per 100,000 individuals. Among individuals aged 13-44 years who were living with the virus, 19.8% had been tested.

Furthermore, Kane County health professionals diagnosed chlamydia cases at a rate of 326.2, while that of gonorrhea was 45.5. However, these rates increased in 2017 to 395.3 and 90.8 respectively.

Start Talking Stop HIV is an initiative that targets gay and bisexual men, encouraging them to maintain open communication channels with their partners and friends about the various prevention approaches. The program avails practical ways and insights on how to open up about one’s HIV status, why they should use a condom, treatment options, and prevention tools.

If you’d like to get tested for STD/HIV, there are several clinics in and around South Elgin that may offer STI care services. For example, you can visit the Kane County Health Department along Grandstand Place, Aurora.

Alternatively, you can head down to Chicago, where you’ll find the West Town Young STD Specialty Clinic or the Englewood STD clinic.

Besides, there are other clinics within and around South Elgin that may offer free STD testing. Some downsides of such clinics are that they may have long waiting times, and you might have to pay upfront. In addition, these clinics might delay releasing test results and you may not get after care prescription if your test turn positive.