What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Darien,IL?

As the nation continues to deal with sky-high STD rates, DuPage County is no different. Despite the improved medical care, the numbers of new STD cases every year is a red flag for revamped prevention measures.

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), there were 2,417 chlamydia cases in 2016 up from 2,382 in 2015. These numbers represent about 56.5% increase since 2007 when chlamydia cases totaled 1,522.

Moreover, the report showed that the incident rate of gonorrhea in 2016 was 42.5. That was a 61.6% increase since 2011. DuPage County health officials also confirmed 34 cases of syphilis in 2016 as compared to 22 incidences in 2015.

IDPH established the Getting to Zero HIV Program that focuses on ending the HIV pandemic in the state by 2030. The initiative integrates different stakeholders, including government health agencies, community-based health providers, and the entire HIV community to ensure people with AIDS get the required medical care.

HIV and STD testing services may be accessed at the DuPage County Health Department along North County Farm Rd, Wheaton. You can also visit the South Austin Public Health Center on W Madison, Chicago.

Alternatively, you can visit the Englewood STD Specialty Clinic nestled along W 63rd St, and the Lakeview Specialty Clinic on N Clark St for STIs screening.

Other clinics across Darien town may render free STD testing, but you may not have the option of booking an appointment and the facilities might charge you to seek consultation from doctors on site. Furthermore, after care treatment may not be available if you test positive and the test results may not be immediate.