What are the STI test options in Burbank,CA?

As part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Burbank shares that city’s STD problems. Southern California is known for having high STD rates, but also for its campaigns to fight them. These include comprehensive sex education in schools and billboards that show the dangers of unprotected sex and urge people to use protection and get tested.

In 2015, there were 48,170 people living with HIV or AIDS in Los Angeles County, with a prevalence rate of 568 per 100K people. What health officials are worried about is the fact that the numbers are almost definitely higher, as many HIV-positive individuals don’t know they’re infected.

In 2017, Los Angeles County had 64,326 cases of chlamydia, at a rate of 626.2 per 100K people. The gonorrhea and (primary and secondary) syphilis rates were 254.2 and 19.5.

There are a few STD-testing clinics in Burbank, and there are even more options as you get closer to Los Angeles. You may qualify for low-cost or free STD testing at one of the nonprofit clinics, but you will need to show proof of your income.  

Planned Parenthood, located downtown on Burbank Blvd, tests for STIs and treats all except for HIV, and the fee is on a sliding scale based on your income. The Glendale Women’s Clinic, on South Glendale Ave, provides STD testing and treatment. The Sun Valley Health Center provides HIV screening and treatment.