What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Lomita,CA?

A sharp rise of HIV cases was noted in Lomita, a city in Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles County Health reports, the infections escalated from 334 at a rate of 22 in 2010 to 7,848 at a rate of 500 in 2014.

Chlamydia cases were primarily concentrated among teenagers and young adults who represented 74 percent of the infections as of 2015. The infections soared from 7,694 at a rate of 724 in 2011 to reach a peak of 8,233 at a rate of 525 in 2015. 

Gonorrhea cases were more predominant in the male population, and the infections increased from 1,572 at a rate of  148 in 2011 to  2,435 at a rate of 155 in 2015.

Syphilis cases doubled from 221 at a rate of 21 in 2011 to 481 at a rate of 31 in 2015. County health reports indicated that 94 percent of the infections were among individuals aged 25 to 29 years. 

The Los Angeles County Department of Health has partnered with community agencies including schools and faith-based organizations to provide sexual health education to the community, more so the youth and teenagers. 

There are a handful of clinics in Lomita city where residents may access free STD testing, but not all tests are comprehensive, and some costs might not be upfront. 

You may receive STD/HIV testing, treatment, and screening in the city by visiting Lomita Medical Center, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, or Torrance Urgent Care. If you prefer specialized sexual services, then you may opt for Planned Parenthood – South Bay Health Center.