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STD Testing options within San Fernando, California

San Fernando, California

San Fernando, California is a beautiful suburb within the greater Los Angeles area. Offering great close knit communities, schools, and athletic leisure activities, it’s easy to find yourself at home in this city. Whether listening to live Mayan-style music in a swank mission-style club or going to stand in awe of the Cheech Marin mural, you’ll find plenty to do and see in San Fernando.

While meeting new people, and exploring this great city, it’s important to consistently protect your sexual health through regular STD testing and sexual health screenings.

San Fernando has several great resources to help you stay aware of your sexual health including STD Clinics and community STI Testing Centers within the city limits. These centers offer sexual reproductive health resources, as well as private STD testing.

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STD Statistics In Los Angeles County, CA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Los Angeles County, CA. Data is normalized to accurately report Los Angeles County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in San Fernando, CA

According to the Annual AIDS surveillance performed by the Los Angeles county Department of Public Health, the city of San Fernando actually experienced a steady decline in the number of AIDS diagnoses over the last five years. This research was great news, especially since the city had previously struggled with HIV/AIDs outbreaks.

Getting tested for STDs on a regular basis could help protect you and the people you care about from infection. The fact that many of the most common STDs, such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, are often asymptomatic means that many infected people are unaware that the disease is present. Cases of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis are all still steadily increasing in San Fernando.

STD Testing San Fernando, CA

STD Testing and Sexual Education in San Fernando, CA

Sexual health education is mandatory in the city of San Fernando beginning in seventh grade for public school students. Curriculum strives to cover everything from body image to reproductive systems, the concept of consent, and sexually transmitted diseases. The content of sexual education is San Fernando tends to be more progressive and comprehensive when compared to other cities of its size around the nation.

Abstinence is still taught as a the best approach to protecting sexual health, but the school district wanted students to have more concrete information when encountering the realities of sexuality.

This more comprehensive approach to sexual health seems to be spreading beyond the school systems and into the city. The decrease in the number of HIV/AIDs cases is a promising sign that more in depth sexual education, coupled with making resources more readily available, is having a more positive impact on San Fernando than simply preaching abstinence.

The city strives to create STD clinics that provide free or low-cost testing, counseling, and sexual education pamphlets. These facilities will help you to educate yourself about the risks of STDs and how you can better protect yourself while meeting new people and having great intimate experiences.

HIV testing and Herpes testing/evaluation are an important part of getting help and information, as these tests may heavily influence the use of condoms or other life-saving protection practices during sexual contact.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in San Fernando, CA

Some of the more recent HIV/AIDS awareness movements have sprung up in San Fernando due to the number of adult film studios located in the area. Back in 2004, four adult film performers tested positive for HIV despite the industry’s efforts to follow strict sexual safety guidelines. The industry has a large presence in the valley, and is likely one of the reasons that the city has adopted more progressive and comprehensive sexual education standards in the classroom.

While the industry did try to make it clear that they promoted sexual health safety by halting production while they regrouped, the realities of HIV/AIDS prevalence were clear. The promiscuity promoted by the adult film industry influences other artists and performers in the area, as well as the city’s youth.

San Fernando’s STD clinics provide HIV testing, Herpes testing and evaluation, and a plethora of other sexual resources. Traditional HIV blood tests are one aspect of patient care that San Fernando clinics take great pride in administering. The health community is very dedicated to reducing HIV/AIDS risk by spreading awareness and promoting early detection and treatment through regular testing.

The clinics will provide help and information with regards to your sexual health while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality. The teams working at these facilities are highly skilled medical professionals, and have an abundance of experience in helping those coping with STD diagnoses. Many STD clinics pride themselves on providing top quality care with compassion and confidentiality.

There are a number of free and low-cost resources for both for students and community members, and clinics that specialize in providing free STD testing and health screenings to those without insurance. Many clinics are open seven days per week, and can provide services, medication, and treatment for much less than a trip to the urgent care, emergency room, or traditional physician.

STD Testing San Fernando, CA

Better Sexual Health in San Fernando, CA

Consistent sexual awareness can ensure that you and your partners remain safe and free of infection. Prevention is always easier than treatment, and your sexual health is incredibly vital to your overall well-being. Understanding the risks of having multiple sexual partners and unprotected sex can help you make decisions that will shield you from the possibility of infection.

It’s never too late to seek help. Seeking help or resources can sometimes be scary, but having all the facts and information could help you make decisions that protect your life and sexual health. If you suspect you may be infected, or are simply curious about your status – seek proper health and medical attention.

There are several free STD clinics in San Fernando, and their goal is give you the tools you need to enjoy your life and explore your sexuality safely. You’ll protect yourself, or get the treatment you need, while simultaneously protecting your loved ones, current partner, or future partners from infection or disease. Confidential consultations, screenings, testing, and counseling are all available – no hassle, no guilt, and no judgment. Don’t miss anything that this vibrant city has to offer due to stress or fear about your sexual health – get tested.

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