What are the STI test options in Lakewood,CA?

During 2018, the county of Los Angeles had a reported 50,000 cases of residents living with HIV and high statistics of other STDs. While it has lower rates than some of its neighbours, Lakewood, Ca experienced 14.5 cases of syphillis, 96.5 cases of gonorrhea, and 155.7 cases of HIV per 100,000 capita in the years 2014-2016.

Not to mention, Lakewood’s southwestern neighbours, Longbeach, CA, is also experiencing an STD issue, but at alarming rates. A report released by the city shows a sharp 267% increase in their reported cases of gonorrhea between 2013 and 2017, and an rise in chlamydia rates by 80%. In 2016, the city had an estimated 26 HIV cases per 100,000 person, higher than that for the county, which had 19 cases per 100,000. 

In 2019, officials of Longbeach released a plan to increase the diagnostic rate among people who already have HIV but don’t know it to 90%, reduce new HIV cases by 50%,and reduce new infections of gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia by 20%.

Public clinics and facilities like Planned Parenthood, Miller Family Health Education, and MedPost Urgent Care are available in Lakewood, CA, and many provide free STD testing or low-cost STD testing, depending on your income level. However, these tests may not always be comprehensive or you may experience long wait times. In cases like these, there are also plenty private STD testing centers around Long Beach Boulevard, Elm Ave, Woodruff Ave, and other locations which provide no-wait, comprehensive tests and offer physician consultation for positive results.