What are the STI test options in Compton,CA?

Los Angeles County is a densely populated area. Southern California is a fast-paced, fun place to live, and Compton is no exception. Home to cultural revolution, musical evolution, and strategically located on the Alameda Corridor near the center of LA County. Compton has it all. And in some cases, too much.

For 2015, Los Angeles County and the Compton area show a rate of 171 per 100,000 people infected by gonorrhea. The same year, the chlamydia rates were at 555 for every 100,000 people. For primary and secondary syphilis the rate has climbed to 15 per 100,000. This number may sound low, but it is actually a 30 percent increase from numbers reported in the year 2014.

The reported cases for new diagnosis of people living with HIV in LA County are continuing to show a steady decrease. Medical professionals believe this is thanks to regular health screenings, prevention education, and treatment.

If you’re in the Compton area, there are a few affordable options for STD/STI testing available to you. Clinics are mostly located along Rosecrans Ave and Wilmington, south of the 105. They include Charles R. Drew University / Oasis Clinic, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Public Health. St. John’s Well Child and Family Centers on south San Jose, north Santa Fe, and Wilmington avenue. There is also a Concentra Urgent Care on Wilmington avenue. For free testing, keep an eye out on community calendars, or check out local events at Compton College especially during STD awareness month in April.

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STD Statistics In Los Angeles County, CA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Los Angeles County, CA. Data is normalized to accurately report Los Angeles County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Compton, CA

It is hard for local leaders to ignore the growing health crisis sexually transmitted diseases are presenting to this community. Over the past twenty years the rate of infection has been rising at an alarming rate, and it is now well above state averages.

According to statistics released by the CDC and local state health jurisdictions the rates for all STDs are rising, and show no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future. This means that all residents are at risk for contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

Since 2005 the STD rates for the suburb and county have been well above the averages reported for the rest of the state, and this includes Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis. If this isn’t enough to convince residents of the importance of regular STI testing, HIV/AIDS rates are also increasing in residents of all ages.

While these transmittable diseases are affecting all residents regardless of age or ethnicity, teens and young adults are among those with the greatest risk. This not only includes the Herpes virus and HPV, but also for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

African Americans and Hispanic residents have the highest rate for infection, but primary and secondary Syphilis incidents are increasing in Caucasian men. Even though the number of women who contract this infectious disease remains basically unchanged, it is well above state levels for men of all ethnicities. Unfortunately these high percentage rates will probably remain unchanged until everyone in the area starts getting tested on a regular basis.

Some of the statistics that highlight this growing health crisis includes,

  • Since 2005 Chlamydia rates in men and women have been above state averages.
  • The rates for primary and secondary Syphilis have doubled in men from 2005 to 2014.
  • From 2011 to 2014 the number of positive Gonorrhea diagnoses has more than doubled in men.

STD Testing Compton, CA

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

St. John’s


STD Testing at 15715 Atlantic Ave #2, Compton, CA 90221, USA

St. John’s delivers comprehensive health care services to the residents of Compton, California. The facility began as a volunteer health center and later expanded to a health center to address community health care needs. It promotes the health of individuals through outreach and education programs where community members may access STD/HIV testing and treatment, mental, and dental healthcare services.


The general public can access STD/HIV testing and treatment, regardless of their insurance status. Through its partnership with insurance providers, the facility can offer health care services to individuals enrolled in government-sponsored managed care programs in Medicare Advantage, Medi-Cal, HCLA, and Medi-Medi.


The clinic provides STD/HIV testing on a walk-in basis. However, patients may book an appointment to receive specialty care for their chronic infections.


The facility medical practitioners help uninsured patients to enroll in affordable health insurance plans. St. John’s medical personnel embrace teamwork to ensure patients receive quality and patient-centered health care. It also has a case management program, which serves homeless individuals by connecting them to support groups and organizations that offer proper housing, food, medical, and mental health care services.


15715 Atlantic Ave #2, Compton, CA 90221, USA


STD Testing at St. John’s


Via Care Community Health Center


STD Testing at 607 S Atlantic Blvd, East Los Angeles, CA 90022, USA

Via Care Community Health Center is a federally qualified health facility that provides medical care to Compton, CA, residents. Over the years, the facility has been working with communities to enhance their well-being through its accessible and affordable health care services.

It has competent physicians who adopt a patient-centered approach to deliver STD/HIV testing, prevention, and treatment, primary care, dental, and behavioral health care services.


The facility welcomes individuals aged 13 to 64 years for STD/HIV testing, and they are required to bring their photo ID and proof of income and address. It also accepts private insurance plans, Medi-Care, My Health LA, Family PACT, Medi-Cal, and Medi-Care. Additionally, a sliding fee scale is available to self-pay individuals.


Patients can receive STD/HIV testing and treatment on a walk-in basis. They may also consult directly with a board-certified doctor regarding their STD infections.


Via Care Community Health Center provides a safe, non-judgmental, and comfortable environment where individuals can access accurate and culturally competent medical care.

It also has a friendly and knowledgeable medical staff who offer confidential sexual health care services. Patients exposed or at high risk of HIV infections may access PEP and PrEP medication, and the clinic connects patients to various support programs through its Reentry program.


607 S Atlantic Blvd, East Los Angeles, CA 90022, USA


STD Testing at Via Care Community Health Center


Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood - Dorothy Hecht Health Center


STD Testing at 8520 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90003, USA

Planned Parenthood – Dorothy Hecht Health Center serves women and community residents with personalized reproductive health care and sexual education services. It has experienced health practitioners who are qualified to deliver STD/HIV testing and treatment, pregnancy screening, birth control, abortion referrals, LGBTQ care, women’s and men’s health services.


The clinic welcomes individuals seeking STD/HIV testing and treatment. It also accepts numerous major health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, self-pay persons are allowed to pay using cash, checks, credit, and debit cards, and they may also qualify for the clinic’s sliding fee scale program.


Medical services are available to both walk-ins and individuals with appointments. The clinicians may offer counseling, medication, and aftercare services to patients infected with HIV infections.


Planned Parenthood – Dorothy Hecht Health Center has simplified online patients’ medical forms that are easy to understand and use. The facility’s website provides health information, and through its patients’ portal, individuals can access education materials, medical records, and clear their hospital bills conveniently. It also links women to health care providers through the good woman program and has a parking lot reserved for patients.


8520 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90003, USA


STD Testing at Planned Parenthood - Dorothy Hecht Health Center


City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Compton,CA

Orange County Health Care Agency


STD Testing at 149 B, 1725 W 17th St, Santa Ana, CA 92706, USA

Orange County Health Care Agency serves the local community residents of Compton, California, by providing them with quality, comprehensive, and affordable health care services. The clinic has qualified doctors and nurses who deliver STD/HIV screening and treatment, public health, family medicine, general, and behavioral health care services.


The general public can access STD/HIV services at the clinic regardless of their income levels. Individuals are required to download and complete client assessment questionnaire and registration forms to reduce check-in time during their visit. Major insurance plans such as Medicaid and Medicare are accepted.


The clinic serves patients seeking HIV/STD services on both an appointment and walk-in basis. Its physicians can also connect patients to the appropriate resources, including financial services and mental health care providers.


Orange County Health Care Agency provides free lube and condoms across the community to reduce the rate of HIV/STDs. It also offers PREP/ PEP medications to both insured and uninsured patients and offers STD/HIV prevention education to minimize new infections.

Additionally, it has an HIV partner notification service that enables staff to identify and locate sex partners or drug-injecting partners and inform them of their recent exposure and offer them screenings, counseling, and referrals for other services.


149 B, 1725 W 17th St, Santa Ana, CA 92706, USA


STD Testing at Orange County Health Care Agency


Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

MedPost Urgent Care of Lakewood


STD Testing at 3559 E South St, Long Beach, CA 90805, USA

MedPost Urgent Care of Lakewood treats patients with minor conditions and injuries such as flu and sprains. It also has experienced physicians who attend to individuals with non-life threatening illnesses and minor injuries. Patients can access health care services, including STD/HIV screening and treatment, occupational health, primary medical care, and emergency health care services.


Patients are required to bring a Photo ID and up-to-date insurance card to access STD/HIV services. Other items include a list of their allergies, proof of guardianship (if a person is accompanying a patient who is below18 years old), and a list of current prescriptions. It also accepts major insurance plans.


Individuals visiting the clinic are offered HIV /STD testing, screening, treatment, and counseling services on a walk-in basis. Individuals with STD/HIV infections may also receive aftercare services.


MedPost Urgent Care of Lakewood sends patients drug prescriptions to their nearest pharmacies electronically. It has medical laboratories that enable individuals to receive their STD tests onsite. Individuals can also access their medical records online, and the clinic’s online survey platform collects clients’ feedback to help them offer a better medical experience to the community.


3559 E South St, Long Beach, CA 90805, USA


STD Testing at MedPost Urgent Care of Lakewood


Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care


STD Testing at 15745 Paramount Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, USA

Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care clinic evaluates and treats individuals with minor injuries and ailments in Compton, CA. The clinic has qualified medical doctors, nurses, and technicians who provide patients with quality health care services, including STD/HIV testing, pregnancy screening, family practice, internal medicine, and immunizations.


The clinic is open to individuals seeking STD/HIV services. Clients are required to fill a patient intake form and fax it to the clinic or bring it during their visit. It also accepts various insurance plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, HMOs, PPO, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and united health care.


Individuals may access STD/HIV services on a walk-in basis. They can also book an appointment before visiting the facility.


Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care provides an in-house care plan to individuals with chronic infections. It has modern labs, which enable lab technicians to conduct quick and accurate tests used by doctors to diagnose and treat patients.

Its online platform has user-friendly tools that enable people to navigate and access information, including hospital links and contacts. The hospital has skilled and professional medical personnel who provide medical care with respect and compassion.


15745 Paramount Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, USA


STD Testing at Dusk to Dawn Urgent Care


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Compton, CA

In response to the rising rate of sexually transmitted infections across the state, California decided to make it mandatory for all public school systems to implement comprehensive sex education programs in the classroom. Starting in the 7th grade and continuing through high school, students will now learn how STDs are spread and the best ways to protect themselves.

The new classes were implanted in January of 2016 and the city and state are already seeing a decrease in the number of teen pregnancies reported each year. While it is still too soon to tell if the STD rates are also falling, officials are hopeful that these will show signs of improvement.

Abstinence is still discussed and even encouraged, but educators also realize that the majority of students are already sexually active. This is why the classes also include information on how all STDs are and can be spread, along with the reasons why always using protection is so important for their health. Dating, peer pressure and even violence in relationships are discussed in the classes, along with the importance of regular Herpes testing in Compton.

Students also learn how important regular HIV testing in Compton is, along with the fact that it is the only way to detect the virus. With all of the information students need to protect themselves, local officials are hopeful that the STD rates among youth will start to decrease.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Compton, CA

There are several reasons why the STD rate in this suburb and surrounding county are rising, and city officials are hopeful that the recent addition of comprehensive sex education programs in the school districts will start to address this growing health problem.

Even though education is the first step towards preventing the spread of all STDs it is not enough to effectively lower the infection rates if residents are not willing or able to get tested.

You can find STI clinics in this community, but recent budget cuts have severely limited their hours of operation. This has made it difficult for many residents to find time in their busy schedules to wait in the long lines that are now common. The lack of funding has also forced many health centers to close their doors, which means that the few clinics that are still open are constantly dealing with more residents than it can handle.

Many adults are also embarrassed to be seen at a STD clinic, and since not all infections display immediate signs or symptoms it is not uncommon for them to feel like there is no need for them to be tested. As long as this is allowed to continue and residents do not seek the health care that they need, Compton can expect to continue to have some of the highest STD rates in the state.

Better Sexual Health in Compton, CA

Before you head into the city it is important to take a few minutes and think about your sexual health. STDs are on the rise, and it is more important than ever to take the time to be tested. If the reason you have been putting off this screening is due to long lines at the community clinics, there is now an easier and more convenient way to take care of your health. You can easily schedule confidential STD testing with one simple phone call and only spend a few minutes at a local lab. This way you can get tested and still have plenty of time to see all of the local sights and attractions.