What are the STI test options in Lynwood,CA?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the rate of STDs in Lynwood City. In 2015, an aggregate of 56,565 cases of Chlamydia was reported by the County Department of Health.

The number of cases reported has been on the rise over the past 5 years, resulting in a 13 percent increase from 2011 to2015. In 2015, the overall Chlamydia rate was estimated to be 555 per 100,000 persons.

There were 5,050 cases of Syphilis in 2015 and 31 percent of the cases were staged as either primary or secondary while 32 percent as latent or late syphilis. The number has been increasing from 2011 to 2015.

Over the past 5 years, cases of Gonorrhea have been increasing in Lynwood city. In 2015, 17,442 cases of Gonorrhea were reported, resulting in a 74 percent increase from 2011 to 2015. The overall Gonorrhea rate was 171 per 100,000 in 2015.

To reduce the incidents and burden of STDs, the County Department of Health has developed activities of interest to the local public health system. This has been made possible through proper administration and inter-organizational planning.

Public health centers such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Centre for public health, Wesley Health Centres-Lynwood South and Wesley Health Centres-Lynwood North are committed to encouraging residents to pursue a healthy sexual lifestyle.

Affordable STD treatment and free STD testing services are offered in the above health centers. However, one must book an appointment due to a large number of patients visiting the facilities.

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STD Statistics In Los Angeles County, CA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Los Angeles County, CA. Data is normalized to accurately report Los Angeles County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Lynwood, CA

In recent decades, sexually transmitted diseases have re-emerged as a public health concern across the United States. Recent newspaper articles have highlighted the dramatic surge in the number of STD cases, particularly chlamydia and gonorrhea, in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Its syphilis rates have also increased at an alarming pace. There has been significant speculation about what factors have fueled this rise. Some sociologists have pointed to the fact that Los Angeles has a much younger average population than many urban areas, and many of these young people regularly use social media and apps, such as Tinder, to hook up with others. The higher the number of partners that an individual has, the greater the likelihood that he/she will be diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, chlamydia cases have increased more than 17 percent in recent years. There are more than 50,000 newly diagnosed chlamydia cases each year. Although chlamydia is treatable via antibiotics, chlamydia may profoundly negatively impact a young woman’s lifelong fertility. Thus, it is highly concerning from a public health perspective.  

Gonorrhea figures have also shown a similar dramatic uptick in recent years. The number of diagnosed gonorrhea cases in Los Angeles County increased from roughly 9500 in 2010 to almost 15,000 in 2014. And, if recent newspaper reports are to be believed, this trend is continuing unchecked into 2017.

For myriad reasons, over the last two decades, syphilis has re-emerged as a public health crisis and infection rates have skyrocketed across the country. Although syphilis rates are particularly high in struggling blue collar communities across the Midwest Rust Belt, Los Angeles County has not been immune to the problem. In recent years, the number of reported syphilis infections has nearly doubled. It is also important to note that many doctors still tend to not aggressively test for syphilis. Therefore, these reported figures likely significantly underestimate the true incidence rate for the disease.

Interestingly, as the incidence rates for other STDs has soared in Los Angeles County, the number of reported HIV/AIDS cases has declined as organizations continue to work to educate vulnerable communities (such as the LGBTQ community and drug users) about the dangers of the disease and how to effectively prevent transmission.  The vast majority of HIV-positive individuals in Los Angeles County are men, and particularly homosexual males. However, this is also the group that has seen the most dramatic decline in newly diagnosed cases.

Graph of hiv rate in lynwood california from 2014

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

Wesley Health Centers,Lynwood Clinic


John Wesley Community Health Centers are part of the JWHC Institute, a non-profit health agency that was established by Los Angeles County physicians who sought to augment patient care and education at facilities throughout the county almost 60 years ago. White they previously found their purpose in contributing to medical research and establishing high-quality medical education, they currently prioritize medical services and patient support. 

The Health Centers are capable of offering: pediatric care, behavioral health care, podiatric health care, and chronic disease management. Reproductive health specialists are also on site to oversee STD testing and screening. 


Patients under Medicare and Medicaid are accepted at this clinic and a sliding fee scale is provided for patients who can prove lower household income. 


Doctors at this location are available for primary health consultations as well as follow-up appointments. Appointments can be booked via phone or online. 


The Lynwood North Wesley Health Center provides comprehensive medical services to people of all ages and backgrounds. The testing for STDs is administered by medical professionals who take care to preserve patient privacy and pay particular attention to supplementary services after the testing. 

There are also enrollment specialists who work at the clinic to help the patient through the registration process. 


3591 E Imperial Hwy,Lynwood, CA 90262



St Johns Well Child and Family Center, Compton WM Keck Foundation Community Health Center


St. John’s Well Child and Family Center was started years ago as a simple one-room clinic that was run by volunteers only and has since grown into an entire network of community health centers that is capable of working with individuals of all ages. They are well-versed in the areas of medical, dental, and mental health care for their patients as well as not being afraid to offer social assistance programs to those who need it. 

St. John’s Well Child and Family Center is also a firm advocate for providing equal care to patients regardless of their immigration status and income level. 


HIV testing is provided at no cost to the patient and other STD tests incur a nominal fee that could be subject to a sliding fee scale for low-income individuals and households. 


The St. John’s Child and Family Center in Compton is capable of offering programs overseen by physicians and nurse practitioners in a variety of fields. Regular check-ups and follow-ups can be booked at the clinic or by calling the administrative line. 


The St. John’s Well Child and Family Center has been in operation for many years and is an active contributor in the communities where they have clinics. They work closely with local child welfare, legal, and economic development agencies to help offer tailored programs that are sensitive to the needs of the region. 

STD testing and screening is available at all of their many clinics. 


2115 N Wilmington Ave, Compton, CA 90222



Watts Healthcare Corporation, Watts Health Center


The Watts Healthcare Corporation was incorporated as a not for profit organization in 2002 and has been working since then to provide their members of their community with top quality health care and medical assistance. They employ more than 300 employees across their many facilities who see an average of over 100,000 patient visits every year.

The doctors and nurse practitioners at these clinics are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and medical technology in addition to staying abreast of recent medical research and advances. Service is offered in both English and Spanish with other languages being available upon early request.


Medicaid and Medicare are both accepted at Watts Healthcare Centers and a sliding fee scale is available to patients who are able to prove low household income. 


Counsel from doctors can be obtained by booking an appointment at the clinic through their patient portal or by calling in and setting up a meeting. There is a pharmacy located inside the building to assist with prescriptions. 


The Watts Healthcare Corporation is located in the heart of Compton and offers what they describe as “compassionate, quality, culturally sensitive preventive and primary health care services”. The wide spectrum of programs they offer include: vision, dental, and reproductive health. 

Watts has a modern and efficient website that allows patients to register and view their medical records or details on their latest visit. 


q10300 S Compton Ave,Los Angeles, CA 90002



Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near

Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science, Oasis Clinic


The Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science is a not for profit, student-centered organization that is dedicated to health equity and social balance for underserved communities. They use tools such as educational outreach, clinic service, and engagement with local groups and retailers to better quality of life for all. 

The Oasis clinic is an HIV specialty clinic that employs veterans of the HIV/AIDS field to treat and test individuals who may be afflicted with the disease. They are passionate about delivering top-notch care and will encourage patients to enrol with the California AIDS Drug Assistance Program. 


HIV testing and referral services are provided free of charge to the general public. 


There is a medical team on-site at the facility that is available for care coordination and outpatient medical services. There is the option of signing up for regular check-ups at this clinic as well. 


The Oasis Clinic is run by the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine Science, which is a private university that has a specialization in promoting more equal public health care to all populations. 

In addition to facilities like the Oasis clinic that test for HIV/AIDS in a fixed location, the University also operates a mobile HIV testing project. The mobile unit finds its way around the city to high risk areas. 


1807 E 120th St,Los Angeles, CA 90059



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles,Dorothy Hecht Health Center


Based in New York City and Washington DC, Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that runs clinics in many countries across the world that prioritize providing sexual health care to underserved communities regardless of the patient’s ability to pay, sexual orientation, and cultural background. 

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles has been in operation for more than 40 years and helps the communities in its region family planning, sexual health education presentations, and advocating for contraceptive equity. Their service is provided in both English and Spanish and there are specialized pockets of the population, who are more at risk, that are the targets of more accessible health care. 


Patients who are not covered by insurance could be eligible for a state-sponsored program that will cover medical fees or qualify them for lower fee rates. 


Planned Parenthood clinics offer regular check-ups for their patients as well as referral services and emergency contraception. 


The Planned Parenthood clinic at the Dorothy Hecht Center is a branch of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles that provides many of the same programs and services that one would expect from Planned Parenthood.

Due to the well-known nature of the organization, there can be a large influx of walk-in patients on any given day. It is advisable to book an appointment beforehand to guarantee treatment. 


8520 S Broadway,Los Angeles, CA 90003



City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Lynwood,CA

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Martin Luther King Jr Center for Public Health


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is responsible for the well-being of its residents. It conducts surveillance and medical case management for communicable diseases and seeks to promote educational opportunities and activities for the community to become more involved in living a healthier life. Their basic mission is to improve quality of life and reduce health disparities in the different populations under their purview.

The STD clinic run by the Health Department has a rotating schedule that needs to be consulted before deciding to become a walk-in patient. 


HIV testing is provided for free to the general public as part of their STD clinic. HPV testing has no cost for individuals under the age of 18 years. 


Regular check-ups and follow-up consultations are offered by the doctors of this clinic. There is also a pharmacy on-site for filling prescriptions


Testing availability at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Public Health is on a first come first served basis for walk-in patients. 

HIV testing is provided at during STD clinic hours and it should be noted that HPV vaccines are only offered to those 18 years old or younger free of charge. Patients don’t need to be a resident of the county to receive medical services. 


11833 S Wilmington Ave,Los Angeles, CA 90059



STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Lynwood, CA

Sexual health education continues to be a controversial topic in public schools across the country.  Sexual health educators and public health advocates argue that it is important that children receive comprehensive sexual health education that underscores the importance of using condoms and regularly testing for STDs. These educators recognize that most young adults will be sexually active during their teenage years, and frequently with multiple partners. The goal is not to stop these sexual activities, but rather to ensure that they are as safe and healthy as possible. However, not everyone agrees with this approach. Many parents and conservative community members favor abstinence-based programs, despite research that shows these programs tend to be less effective (measured across a wide variety of indicators).

The Lynwood Public Schools, and public schools across the Los Angeles metropolitan area, do a better job than average in educating children and young adults about sexual health. However, these lessons are not always supported at home in Lynwood. Many recently settled immigrants in the community are staunch Roman Catholics and they frown on both pre-marital sexual relations and condom use. This results in children hearing a very mixed message on sexual health.

Given the large number of Lynwood, California residents who are under the age of 18, sexual health education is a vitally important topic in this community. Parents, educators, and activists should be encouraged to send a consistent and positive message about sexual health.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Lynwood, CA

According to the most recent census, Lynwood, California has a population of just under 70,000 individuals. This represents a slight decline compared with the 2000 census and indicates that many recent immigrants still continue to find Lynwood an attractive living option because of its relatively low cost housing options. However, concerns with a growing crime rate in the area temper many people’s enthusiasm about living in Lynwood. Due to the relatively high poverty rate in the community and low average household income, it should not be surprising that a significant percentage of Lynwood residents rent, rather than own, their homes.

Given that Latinx immigrants tend to have relatively higher birth rates than many other demographic groups, it does not come as a shock that more than 2/3 of the community’s households have children under the age of 18. This high percentage of younger residents also helps explain Lynwood’s troublingly high rates of STDs. Across the country, a large number of newly diagnosed chlamydia and gonorrhea cases are impacting teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 24.

Many of these young adults tend to engage in promiscuous sexual relations with multiple partners, and many of these hook-ups are also fueled by drugs and alcohol. Evidence suggests that substance use lowers people’s inhibitions and also decreases the likelihood that people will use safe sexual health practices. Communities with large tween and teen populations, such as Lynwood, are disproportionately impacted by this trend.

STI Testing Resources in Lynwood, CA

Given that Lynwood, California is located in the country’s second largest metropolitan area (Los Angeles), it should come as no surprise that residents have a wide range of testing options that they can select from to address their sexual health needs.

These testing options include a variety of for-pay clinics that specialize in STD testing, as well as private doctors’ offices. The drawback of these options is that they are often expensive and many of the economically vulnerable residents of Lynwood may be unable to afford them. Also, for-pay testing centers often do not offer follow-up care following a positive test result; and these testing facilities may not have multi-lingual staff. Language barriers may be a significant impediment to care for many Lynwood residents.

For individuals who are concerned about having an affordable STD testing option, the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Public Health, a branch of the California Department of Public Health, offers low cost testing for a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases. This Center consistently receives outstanding reviews from the patients who use it. Its staff also includes trained professionals who speak a wide variety of languages. This is an important factor for many Lynwood residents. With payments on a sliding fee scale, STD testing at the Center is affordable for everyone.

Other Lynwood residents choose to have their sexual health needs addressed at the nearest Planned Parenthood Clinic; the Watts/Willowbrook Health Center.  Like with most Planned Parenthood Clinics around the country, this center offers comprehensive health care services for women and men, as well as contraceptive services and best practice STD testing, all at reasonable prices.

Even though there are numerous testing options available in the Los Angeles, and Lynwood, area, it is important to remember that the Los Angeles metropolitan area is notorious for snarled traffic. Getting from one area of the city to another can be an all-day challenge, particularly for people who are using public transportation.  This is something to keep in mind when choosing a testing center.

Better Sexual Health in Lynwood, CA

Lynwood, California is a community that has numerous positives. At the same time, it is a town that faces myriad challenges that are largely shaped by its demographics. Currently, Lynwood is home to a vibrant Latinx community. Many of the town’s residents do not speak English, and a large number struggle with persistent poverty. The average household income in Lynwood, CA is less than one-half of the income seen in the rest of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Poverty, coupled with frequent language barriers, means that educating community members on sexual health has been challenging; and, it has frequently resulted in behaviors that have led to high rates of numerous sexually transmitted diseases, and particularly gonorrhea and chlamydia. Moving forward, community leaders and educators will need to work together to fight the current public health challenge of STDs, and allow the community to take advantage of all of Lynwood’s wonderful opportunities.

Other Cities Near Lynwood, California

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