What are the STI test options in Lockport,IL?

Lockwood IL is a city located in Will County. Like most cities, Will County has problems, with STDs. Will County has a population of 685,419, with 499.4 per 100,000 people affected by an STD.

Chlamydia infections make up 68.07% of affected people. Hepatitis comes in second with a rate of 19.4%.

Reported gonorrhea infections are responsible for only 10.69%, while HIV/AIDS infections are less than 1% of the population of Will County.

According to the health departments’ HIV and STD program specialist Kendra Coleman, “It has been shown that Truvada can act as a preventative medicine that allows the negative-HIV partner to avoid contracting it from a positive-HIV partner. That’s why this PrEP clinic has been established: To get Truvada to negative-HIV patients who want to take this precaution.”

There are many options for STD testing in Will County. One such location is Will County Health Department located on Neal Avenue in Joliet. The clinic offers STD, HIV testing as well as offering the PrEP Clinic.

Other locations include Regional CARE Association on Glenwood Avenue, Joliet and Agape Missions NFP, which can be found on Plainfield Road in Joliet.

Patients can also find testing options at Aunt Martha’s East Joliet Community Health Center in Joliet on Eagle Street.

Please keep in mind that while some clinics offer free STD testing, not all do. Other options are paid testing and income based testing on a sliding scale, and whether you receive welfare. While there are many advantages to public clinics, there are a few drawbacks such as longer wait for test results as well as longer wait times to be seen by medical staff.

Which one is right for you?